Monday, August 1, 2011

New old life

It has been so long I never back to my blog.
and now I am at another city.
I back to this old place to start my new life again.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shape|Men'sHealth Night Run 10

First time joined public marathon.
It is called ShapeMen'sHealth Night Run 10.
This event was hold at Putrajaya Presint 3, dated 31July.

Basically this is to test out my stamina and physical capability to do marathon.
I have chosen 5km fun run.

And ya, I got the vet from the sponsor Reebok by paying RM30.After all, this RM30 is much more worth by getting goodie bags full of bunch of stuffs. check out the photo below :)
Thanks for all the sponsors..

Thanks Shein for collecting my racing kit for me..and get shocked when I got this super duper special number - 7777. And this number made me a topic to gossip among some gangs... paise. Do you think tomorrow should bet ? lol

Ehem...there are some slopes at the bridge for the route..making some challenging part for us. Expecially those who never train for jogging like me :D I think I should go stadium for some jogging training and fresh air instead of gym only.

I was glad that I can make myself finished running without stop throughout the whole route. It took me around 25min to complete the whole journey. This is not a very accurate time as I did not time it myself, no handphone and watch with me :P I got this time from the workers at the finish line.

And now I know my standard is up to where.

Achievement of July 10

July of 10 is a special month for me.
Break record in my life :D

-first time went to Port Dickson
-first time hike to peak of Gunung Ledang
-and first time joined public marathon

Monday, July 26, 2010



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hi Gunung Ledang

It was really a great achievement for myself..
i mean the stamina to work out - > to hike up to the peak of Gunung Ledang..

Ya, i seldom hike. Only been to Broga Hill and the Lumut Hill.
This 12XX km high mountain hike trip was challenging...with its muddy trail.

Great experience~with gang of friends.
Spent 6hours to reach peak and 4 hours to hit bottom before the night fall.

I think I can prepare myself to KK soon..
Btw, im not a big fans of hiking.

A breakaway to PD

This is my first time to Port Dickson.
Ya, it has been so famous since I was small, but I never been.
This trip was a short breakaway from our bored and high-tensed working company.

This trip was fantastic with the laughters of friends and scenic green view plus the blueish ocean view. and we enjoy our perfect location of thistle hotel with its well-equiped gym center, bar lounge and seaside.

Friday, July 16, 2010