Friday, February 27, 2009

A Piece Of Sharing

I would like to share with all this piece of wording from this monk.
It is really meaningful, human is learning from every step of his life...and further improve.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Le Tour de Langkawi

Langkawi Island, I guess it is over-complimented by media or advertisement.

Ya, after long-long say, I finally paid myself a visit there. A short one; and a simple one.
I guess foreigners really like this island more than us and bringing up the hotel rates. During online booking for the room, I was shocked by the pricing for those 5-star hotels. May be they are really nice and worth it. But for me, it is yet to reach the time for me just throw my money to enjoy good staying. A clean bed with proper washroom will be more than enough for me.
Never expect the hotels there are so welcomed and fully occupied. Even the room I got was the last room available! (After rejected by a few).

To make my life easier, I departed from Penang Swettenham Port. A lot of foreigners together on the ferry. My personal opinion towards this ferry is, it is quite old ferry and quite noisy with this engine throughout the journey. They should improve on this. Seating is ok, but if the cussion can be better if softer for long travel of 3 hours. One more thing is, ferry company must repair the toilet! Male toilet is not able to flush and those dirty from vomiting still can be seen inside the toilet bowl..Yucks!

We rented a car there – just normal car, Proton Saga, which is cheaper when reaching jetty. On the way to check in hotel, we dropped in Makam Mahsuri to pay Miss Mahsuri a visit. Nothing much to see inside, only those storyboards are more interesting.

We left to our hotel at Pantai Tengah. Ha…Langkawi is a very “kampung “-style place. They have big wide tar road but very little traffic. A good place for racing! Kakaka…. After check in, we went to Langkawi Underwater world.. Wa, the entrance fee was very expensive, RM28 for MyKad owner. It is not worth to visit this aquarium with such a high rate loh!! What you found interesting are only those little penguins. For the rest of creatures, I can see them anywhere in Malaysia. Even the 3D cinema is damn lousy. I did not see any difference with the 3D glasses and without it.. somemore the storyline is boring! No wonder some foreigner left the cinema half way screening! Eden, please do something special here!

After this point, we left to Cable Car at the north part of island. Navigating with the map, we followed the coastline, passing through the small-size airport..seeing a lot of buffaloes…a lot of coconut trees…..

Ya, one thing about Langkawi, the temperature is so super hot ! even myself as a Malaysian also tak boleh tahan!! Nearly fainted inside the car ~

Oh yea, the cable car travel is really a good expensive and worthy. You can see the seaview of whole langkawi and some part of Thailand (but I don’t know which direction is Thailand. Hey Developer, please put some signs there or binocular for tourists to explore! Ok?) the winds were strong up there and view were really fascinating! We busy climbed up and down to take photo, wandering around. The cable car able to take you up to the platform which is 710metres above the sea level. One thing for reminder, you are not allowed to bring drinking water up there. I guess they do not want tourist to litter around. There is a shopping area for you after getting down from the cable car.

It was around evening and going to turn dark. We turned around the island to Kuah town to look for chocolate and wine!! After went to a few shops, found the prices just a bit varies. There is nothing much to see at their shopping mall. For all the duty-free stuffs, just go to the duty-free shopping area at Kuah Town. There are many shop lots selling chocolates, wine, beer, cigarettes, kitchen stuffs…. The beer is really cheap loh! We bought half-dozen Carlsberg new- brewed beer (gold) only cost us RM11. But our dinner is quite expensive ! Our tiger prawn, only 2 pieces, cost us RM70++…a little bit regret..but never mind lah…don’t so kira-kira during traveling loh! ~
We did chit-chatting at seaside at night, drinking our beer. So peaceful world the night in Langkawi. I am thinking, if I were born at those seaside tourist spots, what will I turn to ? hehe… restaurant owner? Tourist agent? Beachboy? I don’t know…

The next morning, headed to Pulau Dayang Bunting. It is famous for its Lake of Pregnant Maiden. It is weird you know, the water at the lake is not salty!! Unbelievable! I did not do my swimming there as it is quite deep ~ 10metres. I did some photoshooting there, watching those foreigners doing water jumping and observing what people doing. Before left to Pulau Beras Basah, we went to feed eagles at mangrove area. Wow, there were really a lot of eagles around. Never seen such a big quantity of eagles at one time.. you can see typical brownish eagles and black-and-white eagles there, flying up and down to get their chicken pieces which were thrown by our boat owner.

Before going back, we, of course, would not forget the Lang Square. It is just located beside the jetty whereby you could see the icon of big eagles there. A must for photographer!

We found something new here, we were offered to refill our softdrink at McDonald in Langkawi !! ho ho ho! ~ is it a norm or just we were lucky that the restaurant manager please to offer?

Comparing tourism between Malaysia and Thailand, my opinion, Malaysia is still far more away from Thailand. We should have better establishment of tourist concept and development. There are still a big space for us to improve. This is true that still a lot of Malaysians are willing to pay more to go travel at neighbouring countries which are better, cheaper and comfortable.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Met the feel

Tonight I met the feel. I play the right music - 3rd CD of Chris Yu.
It brings me back down to my memory lane.

I still remember the days, when watching those pitiful-taiwanese love story-drama together with my dinner on hand, sitting in front of TV. Together with bro, sister and mama….

I also remember the day of buying cassettes. CD is quite expensive and not common use that time. As a secondary school student, I love to go to CD shops or Fajar CD department… looking for the cassette I like. I used to like a lot of Chinese singers: Xu Mei Jing – dou shi ye gui ren album, LeeHom – gong zhun zi zhuan album, David Tao – ai zi ji album. And remember that during F4/5 period, I approached Japanese songs through 988 radio.

And I like to equip my ears on the walkman of mine (which can play cassette only) on every Monday nights, listening to the ghost stories from 988 DJ. It was so exciting! Discuss them with classroom the day after....

Do you still remember Liang Po Po from Singapore ? they were very famous for their comedy that time. And now no more. Liang Po Po has already transformed to better role as director…producing a lot of nice movies on screen to us…

Sometimes I am thinking, why I will always never satisfy with current situation?! But like now, what I think back, all becomes my good memories which occupying small portion of my brain. I wish I will appreciate what I have in front of me, now and before; to bring me further to better future.

I guess I should finish the rest of 6 songs, I gonna lay down to bed. Though Chris Yu ‘s songs are very sentimental, I don’t feel sad tonight, I feel it is warm at the bottom of heart and peace in mind.

P/S: congrat bro for your good news this morning!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chap Goh Meh at Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple is so d8mn charming this CNY!
It is flowered with all the lightings: on temples, on plants, on statues, on all the paths.

If you are northern residents, please, spend a day for the whole-long-15-day CNY for bringing your family to there for soul cleansing (*-P), for sight-seeing and whatever you can do.

To enter the pagoda, you only need to pay RM2. For Guan Yin Temple, you may take the cable car up there by paying RM2 also. if you want to save this RM2, no problem, you can go up there by the steeper mountain way. (for gal, please don't go there with high-heel shoes, else you will regret! )

Remember, if you want to see this beautiful view,must come at night for every year's CNY! Temple will off all the lightings at 11pm. Plenty of time for you to wander around!