Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shape|Men'sHealth Night Run 10

First time joined public marathon.
It is called ShapeMen'sHealth Night Run 10.
This event was hold at Putrajaya Presint 3, dated 31July.

Basically this is to test out my stamina and physical capability to do marathon.
I have chosen 5km fun run.

And ya, I got the vet from the sponsor Reebok by paying RM30.After all, this RM30 is much more worth by getting goodie bags full of bunch of stuffs. check out the photo below :)
Thanks for all the sponsors..

Thanks Shein for collecting my racing kit for me..and get shocked when I got this super duper special number - 7777. And this number made me a topic to gossip among some gangs... paise. Do you think tomorrow should bet ? lol

Ehem...there are some slopes at the bridge for the route..making some challenging part for us. Expecially those who never train for jogging like me :D I think I should go stadium for some jogging training and fresh air instead of gym only.

I was glad that I can make myself finished running without stop throughout the whole route. It took me around 25min to complete the whole journey. This is not a very accurate time as I did not time it myself, no handphone and watch with me :P I got this time from the workers at the finish line.

And now I know my standard is up to where.

Achievement of July 10

July of 10 is a special month for me.
Break record in my life :D

-first time went to Port Dickson
-first time hike to peak of Gunung Ledang
-and first time joined public marathon

Monday, July 26, 2010



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hi Gunung Ledang

It was really a great achievement for myself..
i mean the stamina to work out - > to hike up to the peak of Gunung Ledang..

Ya, i seldom hike. Only been to Broga Hill and the Lumut Hill.
This 12XX km high mountain hike trip was challenging...with its muddy trail.

Great experience~with gang of friends.
Spent 6hours to reach peak and 4 hours to hit bottom before the night fall.

I think I can prepare myself to KK soon..
Btw, im not a big fans of hiking.

A breakaway to PD

This is my first time to Port Dickson.
Ya, it has been so famous since I was small, but I never been.
This trip was a short breakaway from our bored and high-tensed working company.

This trip was fantastic with the laughters of friends and scenic green view plus the blueish ocean view. and we enjoy our perfect location of thistle hotel with its well-equiped gym center, bar lounge and seaside.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Monday, May 24, 2010

What is Success?



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Monday, May 10, 2010

H1N1 Vaccine in My Body now!

Taken my h1n1 vaccine when finished work today..
It is FOC from company.

Nurse told me that this is less painful compared to those in GH.
They are using valve on one big shot and sharing among other...btw.. i cannot imagine how it works...

It got the awkward feeling on my hard... feeling like those liquid turned out to be something alive and go penetrate into my body cells...
Btw,after few hours, i don't feel anything different.. :D

Let's see any changes on tomorrow :D


它给我一种温暖的感觉,一种温存; 郁甜的汤底,滋暖心田。

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Sunday, April 4, 2010

McD Roast Coffee

I went McD coz of the roast coffee.
It is satisfactory.. but the volume abit little.
rm2...bought me warmth at the rainy day of friday .
Found out from the flyer that coffee could be refilled until 11am.
It has its special name for its coffee bean called ?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life for Future

What is life meant for ?
A lot of people, from top to bottom, wandering the corner of world, looking for answer...
There is no calculated formula to get it...
god made this puzzle ..
What you wanted to have? What you are having now ?
And later found out that is not really what one like actually..
Hesitate to step further to see what is the dot at the line of his life..
Do not scare to jump out from your comfort zone..
It might bring you fruitful conclusion later..
or at least you earn some pain no gain..
Try not to tight by any financial bags on your backside..
and it helps..
at least for you, to choose what is next in your next step..
At least, seek for the happiness in the life,
to bring you big smiley face everyday...
And not pressure and worries on heart
Strikes for our colourful lifes....
Out there....
It is called future!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Like this song a lot lately...posted to share the lyric :)


作曲:Eric Kwok


讓理智在叫著冷靜冷靜 還恃住年少氣盛
讓我對著衝動背著宿命 遺忘自己的姓
沉睡的凶猛在蘇醒 完全為你現形
這個世界最壞罪名 叫太易動情 但我喜歡這罪名

驚天動地 只可惜天地亦無情
不敢有風 不敢有聲 這愛情無人證
飛天遁地 貪一刻的樂極忘形
好想說謊 不眨眼睛 這愛情無人性

若世界陷進大騙局裏面 朋友亦難以發現
共你隔著空在秘密通電 挑戰道德底線
如若早三五年相見 何來內心交戰
我信與你繼續亂纏 難再有發展 但我想跟你亂纏

驚天動地 只可惜天地亦無情
不敢有風 不敢有聲 這愛情無人證
飛天遁地 貪一刻的樂極忘形
好想說謊 不眨眼睛 似進入無人境

還是算溫馨 多麼想跟你散步橋上把臂看著風景
但是我清醒 月亮總不肯照亮情慾深處那道背影
你我像快快樂樂同遊在異境 浪漫到一起惹絕症

不想說明 只想反應

Sister's Convocation 2010 at PWTC

Attended sister's convocation at PWTC on 18Mar.

Once I reached Setia Alam right after my work prior the day, we headed to Klang's photoshop to take studio photo.. Oh ya.. Luckily bb Carlyn was in good mood and cooperated in the photo shooting session..hehe.... cute she is!

After that, taken my dinner and 3 of us ride to PWTC for a rehearsal, so that we wont get lost and miss the convo!!! muahaha.....With my uncle's instruction, we exit the tol at Sg Buloh and followed Jln Kuching. Took the 3rd turning out at roundabout and just follow PWTC signboard. Quite far from ST..about 45min. After the day, my bro found out that exit Jln Duta will be faster, about 30min.

I was waiting outside on the day watching the big projected screen.. after seeing sister up to the stage, I just went to The Mall for jalan2.... The convo was ended quite early around 11 +. Quite packed when everyone was out and moving around..

Just taken some photos... Sister said too hot with jubah.. wanted to move....

Actually there is a walkway with better view for us to take photo...

Now it is the starting of teaching life for her...wish her all the best!

Saturday, February 27, 2010



Friday, February 19, 2010

My CNY TongShui

Done tongshui with sister and mum for this 2010 CNY.

On 6th Day of CNY :

Ginko and Taro Soup (in short, is kind of yam soup)

On 7th Day of CNY:

Ice blended Pineapple Yoghurt

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Oh no..went to 2 banks in different cities and both were moved! walao eh!!

Public bank at Kulim was moved to opposite street...get the help of my friend and found it! A bigger space, but not enough parking slots i guess..

Way back to hometown, turned into Taiping's more located opposite of Fajar I just by-luck turn one-round to check.. When was about to leave, I saw it at the end road of Jalan Panggung Wayang. Fine, just went in and closed my account...This one the parking much more "jialat" coz just located beside the main road.

CIMB was about to transform to imitate international bank; the interior design, the culture of work and serving..however, I think most important, those officer must be well-trained and be more profesional to serve. The service is still slow compared to PB, the way officer treat customer is not profesional (saw an example a american-slang speaking woman asking for the western union was not treated well by the officer).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010




Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy CNY

No mood to staying at the company for anything anymore..
I ride on my red-car and posted myself back to hometown right before midnight.
I was the last one to reach home :P

Yeah.. did some prayer for the ancestor, having fun playing with bb, meeting old friends for breakfast, ironing my new clothes.. the day of eve was full of activities.

The moment before entering the 1st day of CNY, it is the culture that the temple in front of my house having a grand firecracker session..
This year was definitely the best ever and long-enough ( i guess more than 10 minutes..) it was really a lot of patterns and colours to see on the skies..

Gong Xi Fatt Cai to all :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Damansara - Jap buffet at Umaiya - Chit-chat at Starbucks. PJ- Puma - walkaround - Romp - Spent some bucks. Damansara- Dinner at Damansara Uptown. SetiaAlam - Played with BB
- Watched CNY Songs by 988

Monday, January 25, 2010


I would like to congratulate my cousin sister for giving birth to a cute little baby gal this morning...:) It is all the while her wish to get a gal for her 2nd delivery :D

I cant wait to go back hometown and visit her and her baby..

All the best and keep healthy.

Bad Listener

I guess most of the gals are not a good listener...and they will just response "" when listening... and they will turn back and voice out their unhappiness...
This is sometimes very irritating..

And sometimes they do not really listen what you say in the phone

I guess all the while I am talking to wrong people...

I still prefer my own laptop as my companion all the while :D