Sunday, July 26, 2009

Asam Fish + Longgan Tauhu hua

Asam Fish

Tauhu hua with longgan

This is the famous Asam Fish at Pasar Borong. The air ventilation is not so good there, plus the asam soup is so "chee kek". I sambil makan sambil sweating ler.. taste is not bad, rm6 per person.. got ladyfinger, onion, cabbage and pineapple inside besides the main character - ikan pari-pari.

This tauhu hua is homemade by Qbean. Actually i wanted to try its 鹹豆花. But was told that is only sold at main shop. But I been to the main shop there three times, it was closed all the time...don't know what is going on.. Fine, the one with longgan got nothing special.. may be i should try something special next time.


Black line was the wound after performing "surgery"

Edwin 也不过如此! 最甚的是它们用烂胶水!
‘RM199 的鞋穿了不到两个礼拜就得付RM15补鞋费'

改天还是买Edwin 以外之鞋!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Friday Dinner

vanilla coke + french fries

French chicken burger... of course i have cheese + ham + chicken..

Quite some times did not meal on Burger King... NOT I do not want there is no any burger king at north part lerr.....last time I guess I had it at Sg Buluh Jejantas Restaurant on Sep 08 if not mistaken..

Fine, this Friday of mine was perfect when owning my ManhanD's CD and had a good meal :)

Nichii Fashion Show on 25July09

Cool man! I was lucky as I discovered this fashion show during my lepak..and I was equipped with my camera on body at the time... So no regret if you always put on extra few kg with you :P

This was a show by Nichii.. Here are the models:

Which one is your selection? (let me know your choice)

More photos pls channel to this link:

Friday, July 24, 2009

MANHAND - Cool ~ Cool~

YEAH!! finally i found this CD in the market....
Cannot see it at Speedy Ipoh,KL Klang area (north and central part).. when i found it at south, cannot stop myself from grabbing it!!
Really no regret today I dropped by to a shopping mall instead of goin to snap photo randomly.
I OWN it now... i will no need to wait to listen to their songs at only 988FM already ~

Today got a colleage asked what song i play at my caller ringtone...Yeah! they are their songs!!
for those who don't know them , here i intro you guys - a rapper group from Malaysia.

Showhand is their 2nd album..Actually i know about them during their first album, yet don't attracted to their songs. And at this 2nd album, I was really crazily attracted to 3rd song from their album.

Their songs really play certain way of style...may be you will thought these are songs from HK....No No No! ~ See from the album at the photo below, they are 5 of them - 1 gal & 4 guys! They are going to HK for their music development...

Support Malaysian's rapper :D:D

I think i will fever of their CD for at least 2 weeks at my car , chuttt chuttt... phew~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

RSU - oh no!

Purposely went back to my university...
It was already 9 years back..... and this area is so damn developed nowadays compared to last time.

One of our favourite restaurant was RSU, which is just located steps away from our house.
Still remembered the nice food she served... my friends like nasi pattaya alot...and i quite like the mee bandung.. of course got our famous roti john....

The time i sat down, found out that, the outlook of the restaurant was different. Already changed the ownership from malay to mamak..and now it looks like selling roti canai + more....

I ordered my mee bandung... oh no, i feel like wtf when i was served with it.. different taste and different presentation..nvm...i just filled portion of my stomach will be enough...leftover quite a lot...

Thinking to wait for the roti john...actually quite disappointed already...i observed for a long time, din see the malay uncle at the stall. Only seeing a malay auntie setup her stall damn slowly..finally i decided not to eat something bad taste...(may be) i guess this might not be the same stall we frequented last time...

Good memories faded away..... and i wish to keep it down my heart.... it will be enough :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Tuesday, July 21, 2009



三个 忍者

没有 鸟
没有 鱼


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Confused Cow

Personally quite like this photo....
A young cow outstanding from the crowd.....and yet she seems like confused..
Taken at Zoo last weekend..

More photos at this link:

I love this coming Weekend!!

Oh no...
I cannot wait for this weekend to come!
One more day to go!
Got so many activities plan liao...
Go Semenyih hiking and Sepang Gold Coast Photoshooting !
And meet some friends..
Jia You!
Saturday See You !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Unfair Story

It is so unfair.
Was blamed by my friend that I got no heart not to calling her when she emailed me that she lost her phone...
Can u imagine this?
The story is like that....

I got an email from her stating she lost her phone and request to send my contact
number to her as she got no backup on all her phonebook. Of course I will think she
got no phone at that moment, how can I approach her right? Who knows she scolded me
no caring...bla bla bla......whatever...

Btw, Welcome to the world of SE ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Smiles - from the child

I feel that sometimes human should approach to child more...
Their smiles and laughters will bring you some message of happiness..
In the zoo, you may see how cute they are..
shouting at their papa to draw his attention, pointing at the fierce crocodile and screamed at the top of their voice...
and asking a lot of un-answerable questions...
You may put aside your pc, your tv and facebook..
Go and see the faces of children...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

All The Best, My Friend

This post is written for my friend.
I know you are quite suffering of this period..
Sometimes it is not up to us to control the whole situation.
It might need some sacrifying, may be in term of time, money, self-confidence and so on...
No matter what, it is just a matter of time, you sure will get on track soon..
Keep positive, take it as a rest, at least u still have a main objective to do in your current life...right?
All the best for this saturday..cheers :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Wahh...seems like H1N1 is started attacking my workplace...
The number is kept jumping up day to day...4 cases from bali and 1 case of local transmission.
Last week I had my lunch together with one of them on thursday and another one of them on friday. But,that time they were not confirmed case..
Only those who are in close contact with them for 4 hours continuously are required to do home quarantine...luckily ~ phew~
Drink plenty of water....measure body temp daily! make sure im healthy :)