Friday, October 31, 2008

Can COFFEE abandoned me?

Sigh!~ I m getting serious migrane today.
2 pill of panadol activefast are not helping at all !~
No choice, I headed to clinic for other alternative. Hope this one helps.

I asked the doctor about my problem regarding coffee.
He was like sentenced me to death ~~!!!
I gonna stop drinking COFFEE ~
else it will causing problem to my stomach.

im getting old!

oh no, first time in my life.. im feeling myself getting old.
last time i have no problem at all having coffee for glasses daily.
but recently, i found out my heart will get palpitating after consuming coffee ~
and i will feel very uneasy about it..!
shi*, should i stop having my nescafe?
then what drink should i turn to ?
years after years, coffee is only my best companion...
im thinking about this seriously.....
but im only 26-year-old...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Di Balik Awan

Ku tak selalu berdiri
Terkadang hidup memilukan
Jalan yang ku lalui
Untuk sekadar bercerita
Pegang tanganku ini
Dan rasakan yang ku derita
Apa yang kuberikan
Tak pernah jadi kehidupan
Semua yang kuinginkan
Menjauh dari kehidupan
Tempatku melihat di balik awan
Aku melihat di balik hujan
Tempatku terdiam tempat bertahan
Aku terdiam di balik hujan
Pegang tanganku ini
Dan rasakan yang ku derita
Genggam tanganku ini
Genggam perihnya kehidupan


稻香 - 周杰伦

为什麽人要这麽的脆弱 堕落
我们是不是该知足珍惜一切 就算没有拥有
微微笑 小时候的梦我知道
童年的纸飞机 现在终於飞回我手里
所谓的那快乐 赤脚在田里追蜻蜓追到累了
哦 哦 午后吉它在虫鸣中更清脆
哦 哦 阳光洒在路上就不怕心碎
珍惜一切 就算没有拥有
乡间的歌谣永远的依靠回家吧 回到最初的美好
就像我说的追不到的梦想 换个梦不就得了
为自己的人生鲜艳上色 先把爱涂上喜欢的颜色
笑一个吧 功成名就不是目的让自己快乐快乐这才叫做意义
童年的纸飞机 现在终於飞回我手里所谓的那快乐
哦 哦 午后吉它在虫鸣中更清脆
哦 哦 阳光洒在路上就不怕心碎
珍惜一切 就算没有拥有
乡间的歌谣永远的依靠回家吧 回到最初的美好

Sunday, October 26, 2008

27 Oct 08 - Happy Diwali :)

I gonna learn to be more "da4 fang1"
Release my soul to others... go for wider world out there..
Care or not is on your hand..why u gonna care about someone who don't even really bother you...
Say cheers to tomorrow :)
(with the background of firecracks on the skies : sharp at 00:00 27oct08) could be stupid...but don't stay too long.
afterall, we gonna wake up from the reality...
no matter luck is on your side or not... no matter you are happy or not....
No one take care of yourself... but yourself..

I wish to see a rainbow tomorrow morning....
Possible? i guess no it turns to sunny days nowadays

=hold your soul =

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Emptiness

Was treated for my colleages' promotion at Swensen autocity yesteday night. Ermm....the food ok lah...but the drink too expensive... Only 15 of us spent about 750. Of course, we were not forgetting ice cream ~ yumyum. Even thought is not as nice as Haagen Daaz or BR.

Went to SS after that.
Long time never join them for pub.. Yea, even though it was raining outside.but the crowd was full. And a lot of hot chicks around... the Philipino performancer is quite chun as well... No regret! ~

Today did a lot of laundry...a very good day after weeks of rainy days.
Feel very empty today. I don't know why.
Why huh?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sepang MotoGP 2008 - 19Oct08

This was my first time step into Sepang Circuit. Yeah, the ticket is cheap ~ RM80 you can step into grandstand. and ya, my purpose is not the motor :P we were heading for the showgirls :D

The weather was damn hot. sweating till wet wet, we were still busy shooting those good-posing girls. Especially TP, he shoot very seriously; took more than 10 photos for every single model . Especially one of the girl who was selling cigratte.

More showgirls photo, please visit link:

For motor shooting, it was quite hard for me....speed too fast. Not really can get a good frame for it..and also if possible to get 300mm lens kit, then the effect would be fine. Beng was using panning skill to shoot.Saw he got some nice shots!

Oh no, the motor racing for 800cc created too noisy caused ear pain! Too bad not buying a earpluck at the beginning..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

KL KLPF's Trip

Woke up at 420am, after slept for 3 hours, started my journey to fetch Steven at 5am..He was a bit late coz hardly getting up! then went to pick up GS and CH at Alma.. After an hour, we went in Tpg to get Beng in.
5 of us with different purposes of going down to KL :

GS + CH -> shopping
myself + Beng -> KLPF
Steven -> MotoGP

Happily, temporary putting the worry of 507 aside, we had our breakfast at Fu San Restaurant..Quite a lucky day, that we did not need to wait for a table... and escaped from the illegal parking (without putting coupon :P)

The time we reached KL, it was already 11am plus. Reaching Hotel and take a refresh ourselves...we headed to Sg Wang for our lunch.. Oh yeah...actually there was a fashion show by a local magazine..but we had no time to spend there.. direct rush to Times Square!

Actually it was not as big as i thought.. i mean the event..... btw, seeing a lot of cameras, lens, bags, lighting systems and etc etc.... we were wandering around, looking at the products, the people...and the models... Yucks..during the photo-shooting session by fujiflim, there were so many people!! until i have no gap to squeeze in ...all my photo shooting failed lah!!!! damn!

my male model -Leo posed like selling timepiece

Fujifilm's sweety

Yeah, if you like to see more, please go to my photolink:

We met up with Sue Lyn at night for dinner, at Ampang. She brought us to Korean Village for Korean BBQ!! Hurray!! This is the cheapest korean restaurant I had been to... RM132 for all 6 people...We had a big pot of seafood, chicken + pork all the side dishes which could be refilled without count...dai lahh!!!

Not sure whether everyone was so thirsty or what...we kept asking for mineral water refill ~ or korean mineral water is much more sweeter to drink ? :) i was wondering...really having a good time there, Sue Lyn, next time must intro more nice nice kangtao :D so that the boss will give you more coke!!

That hand is belong to TP

Victoria Station - my Friday's night

Our Trainer treated us a meal at Victoria Station at Seberang Jaya. A good you can see from the photo below....sorry mok, i was making you as an object in my photo :P
A long night (with the worry for 507) ...the food is not bad - i will give 70%, just that my lobster is too eating cheese more than lobster meat... The portion is too big -> for us, till I wasted all those side dishes...
Guess how much my meal costs? is cheap man!
Headed to Roxbury for drink after that... mm...long time never drink...and this is for "ying chou"..drink quite a lot of beer.... fine,i was not drunk!
Cannot stay till too late. ... coz the next morning gonna driving to KL!!

Yeah! Good news from Production -> Steven able to follow the trip ><

my lobster + chicken

Miss Mah's BD celebration

This was the birthday celebration for miss mah.... and luckily i was able to make it......
now i only free to put it here...
Ya..long time never lepak at Queensbay...actually i need to control my expenses..
low incomer - should not spend so much on shopping, entertainment, lepaking... should keep some money on case one day i get unemployed...who knows? right......
oh out of topic..
Btw, it was my gd friend's bd - No kira lah!!
Yeah..really enjoy my meal there..having nice food + sweet ice cream + good environment :)
Seeing how those TGIF workers celebrating bd with customers...such a fun!!
Yeah, this is the belated celebration for miss mah...
miss ong requested the staff there to draw a ballon for her...with spongebob + hello kitty on it!!
kawaii ne! too bad..i don't have photo for it..
We went for movie <> for midnight show.. ho ho~ Cool~
This is love story ...a bit kamdong....
Even fox can sacrifire for love, why don't human?
Our dessert - Friday's Sundae

Forgot my dish's name...kind of chicken topped with sweet sauce

Monday, October 13, 2008



用一根火柴燒一場蜃樓 借這場大雨讓自己逃走 荒茫公路無人的漂泊 寂寞海嘯把我捲走 用一段感情換一個朋友 每一句再見割一道傷口 躲在萬劫不復的街頭 微笑參透覆水難收 *倘若說放一次手 就像咳一個嗽 我又何苦 在乎得不到的溫柔 我坐在公路的出口 等待天黑以後無邊的寂寞 連想你都是種殘酷切磋 我目送沿海的日落 緊抱一個醉生夢死的枕頭 游不出回憶卻學不會放手 怎麼走 REPEAT**我坐在公路的出口 等待天黑以後無邊的寂寞 連想你都是種殘酷切磋 我目送沿海的日落 緊抱一個醉生夢死的枕頭游不出回憶 卻學不會放手 怎麼走REPEAT*

I started to love this song. My friend said it is so sad... Ya ..sometimes life is full of miserable and only make u feel the truth of life and you will appreciate for thing in front of u....

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Again, hen is awake and busy "cockcock"-ing!
this is only the time i reached home from work..after don't know how many hours...
this is the third night already for these week..
monday reached home at 530am, tuesday 130am, fri 5am...
how many times I told myself dont care so much...go back on time..
but yet... I still like this.
I think i really have to change..
Ahfish, how can u happy like that ? tiok bor?
is this life? this is worse than hell!
people gantung diri pun boleh bernafas lagi...
it already ruin one of my plan tomorrow..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Luck

Really bad luck.
I think I better request to change to night shift.
Always gonna go back at night to work til midnight..
Really fucking company, keep on buying/gettting all those unwanted lousy machines in...
parts getting broken one-by-one...
i think before machine is getting die, I myself already die!

What is the point of giving full support huh?
let's think if you boss don't know about this...and never appreciate?
Sometimes they all taking this for granted...
and your health already jeopardize....

Even you try to contain the problem...due to budget.
and your technicians will keep showing their goddamn face to you!
Talk to the boss! talk to the management! whether buying new part with tenplus k is up to their decision..not me!
even though we are ruling out the new containment procedure to you all, you all will always take shortcut....due to lazy!

i really fed up and lazy......
if you think u are really good, please go and do it...don't just talk!
this world is really unfair, people who is weak, no need to bear the responsibility and they still getting the same salary like you.
And you can do more thing, people will keep throwing bunch of thing for u....
this and that ;this and that....
so...i guess, clever people in work, must pretend to be stupid and dumb, so that you don't have so much volume of job....good ler?

My Busy Raya

Actually my Raya was busy...

Went to Taiping for " Gao Ong Yah" prayer...a bad experience...the ash were flying around and made me feel very uncomfortable.... But it is a believe and "bai bai".. After that, headed to Taiping Central to have a look.. mmm.....the shopping center is not that satisfying for me...

Went to Ipoh for mum's shopping..she gonna get ready for bro's wedding clothes. We were shopping for 8hours around with the help of aunty.. Ha, now only realize all the shops, fashion or shoes shops, were locked. You need to press the bell and the shopper will only open for you.Don't tell me the rompak case at Ipoh is so scary kua..... A good money to earn if you help to install these device for all those shoplots in Ipoh.

This holiday was so unpleasant. got a lot of phonecall from production. making me have to go in at Saturday. Sien!~