Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Emptiness

Was treated for my colleages' promotion at Swensen autocity yesteday night. Ermm....the food ok lah...but the drink too expensive... Only 15 of us spent about 750. Of course, we were not forgetting ice cream ~ yumyum. Even thought is not as nice as Haagen Daaz or BR.

Went to SS after that.
Long time never join them for pub.. Yea, even though it was raining outside.but the crowd was full. And a lot of hot chicks around... the Philipino performancer is quite chun as well... No regret! ~

Today did a lot of laundry...a very good day after weeks of rainy days.
Feel very empty today. I don't know why.
Why huh?

1 comment:

ahfish said...

ask u go go go liao lo..but dunwan..c, u miss her until today also cannot forget..chiu...