Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Busy Raya

Actually my Raya was busy...

Went to Taiping for " Gao Ong Yah" prayer...a bad experience...the ash were flying around and made me feel very uncomfortable.... But it is a believe and "bai bai".. After that, headed to Taiping Central to have a look.. mmm.....the shopping center is not that satisfying for me...

Went to Ipoh for mum's shopping..she gonna get ready for bro's wedding clothes. We were shopping for 8hours around with the help of aunty.. Ha, now only realize all the shops, fashion or shoes shops, were locked. You need to press the bell and the shopper will only open for you.Don't tell me the rompak case at Ipoh is so scary kua..... A good money to earn if you help to install these device for all those shoplots in Ipoh.

This holiday was so unpleasant. got a lot of phonecall from production. making me have to go in at Saturday. Sien!~

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