Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Selamat Hari Raya
Though I m having 4 days holidays...but seems worried..
Sometimes just think, why after 3 years time, technicians are still so dependent on us?
They are over-pampered, still don't know.
Wish me luck :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


kind of disappointed.
was not happy lo...coz some people never respect people's privacy...
and making fun of it among public...
ya.it is nothing to be hide, but that is my privacy..
not even that, they were teasing over the content...
this is unbearable...

Ya...if u found something interesting, then good.
but it is nothing loh.....
i think only u people are fun of it...

respect people privacy is like respecting yourself.
If you wanna people to respect you, you must respect people.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


why my speaking was ignored?
why is it ? Does it mean nothing for you?
but it is alright.
at least, i know what status i mean to be ...to u , to them , to me..
i think i m a freak..im a falcon.阿怪
god ar...siva ar....guan yim ma ar.....tuah pek kong ar....
please...help me, withdraw all the uselessness , freakiness of mine.....
make me a strong one, make me a better one...
I want to be good!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Penang Airport - goodbye my friend

Guess where is this? looks familiar? used to be the place for Nando's...?
Cannot recall ?
Coffee bean just beside it...
Yea! this is Penang international airport!
Was not there for quite some times..i guess after the trip to Phuket..
Nando's was removed and replaced with McD.

Was there just now to sending off my friends to UK.
All the best~ Enjoy ur studies life there :)
Make sure you go tour the europe before back...at least to France...to practise our french!
Now u can say : sava~ je suis etudient :)

Nippon Yataimurai at Queensbay Mall

  • Nippon Yataimurai is a good japanese restaurant in Penang. Tried once at Pulau Tikus before and this is the second time whereby i tried at Queensbay Mall.

    Yo, it's ramen is superb! the soup is so nice!
    For those japanese food lover, this is a good choice !!

My New Toy!

Yo, this is my new toy - K810i !

if it is not bcoz of my broken nokia 3230 set,i will not change my hp lah...
scare of getting AP set already, i bought original set which is just about 50 difference..
my 1st set of sony ericson hp -> time to explore

p/s: thanks for mr steven to urge me to get a new one instead of still using the spare broken motorola :P

what i see from Moonlight Resonance

Recently quite addicted to HK drama Moonlight Resonance.
mm...why this drama is so successful, i guess is the family relationship that bring out at a big family.. Even though sons are separated from parents, their love are never aparted..
And you will see why human like to lie; to get what they want and protect their backside..
Ya, like auntie Sa, at last she realized she is so wrong and being liar had brought her a lot of consequences... she decided to change..

I remembered, some of my colleages told me, in this working world, we gonna talk certain amount of lie. Boss don't like to listen to truth... you must talk something he like to listen...

human relationship is hard to build and maintain... but as long as there is a bridge -> heart, i think it is not hard..



Friday, September 19, 2008

Natural Wonders of Asia

ha..it is kind of lucky that I was selected as the first 50 readers who response on the survey form from Reader's Digest and was rewarded with a book called Natural Wonders of Asia..

So guy, luck is still around;so with chance. wanna grab it?

Sunday, September 14, 2008




Saturday, September 13, 2008

Farewell Party for ALL

PH, CP, myself, Eric
(Ah beng was not in the view as he was our cameraman lahhh)

It was farewell party for so many people in one shot in Matsuki Japanese Restaurant at Penang.

1. CP +PH for England study trip
2. Eric for England study trip as well
3. CY for US working trip + hubby visiting

Oh yeah, everyone is heading towards their dreams far out there...
Wishing you guys doing well there (study, visiting, enjoy, sight-seeing...anything) keep me posted your recent situation :D

Erm...should not be homesick kua....keep yourself busying visiting around!! You can do budget trip!

For myself, I am thinking for my dreams ...somewhere and someday :) hopefully it can get focus soon.

CH, GS -> which country you opt to go then ? go kiwi land not bad what...then i got place to stay when I visit there then...yo yo

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am Primary School Student!!

Tried foot massage at Jusco Bandar Perda after my dinner with my friend..
Actually this is the first time I tried foot massage... normally I will take full body massage
Btw, not bad this trial.
but frankly said, I still prefer full body massage..coz it will touch on your back and shoulder...these are the places where need relax more for me..
Actually quite curious for this massage center, coz it is using china style. Was told different from Thai style massage....
A funny joke happened today -> the china gal -> massage master, she thought I am primary school student while my friend as a school teacher!! OMG!
mmm...may be Im wearing a cap, with sweater with my magazine.... making my friend so paise :P
She said next time must wear a cap like me! ~
Gu*t See - > Admit old lahh!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Must Love Our Parents

After watching the movie "money no enough 2", I felt touched.
At 1st with the expectation of laughing and laughing, but this movie indirectly bring out the value of family throughout the story..
Ya...must love our parents....no matter what..
They never leave you behind, do you mind to leave them on the sake of convenience?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Brother's Registration Day + Wonderful Weekend in KL

It was my bro's Registration Day, on 30th Aug 08!
It was taken place at Tian Hou Gong Temple.
Ya.. I myself already not visiting KL for years....
(erm... not counted the trip to apply US visa and also passing by to LCCT..)

Ya, it think KL itself already looks different to me...

First day, nothing much as we reached Damansara around 4pm...
We went checked in after meeting up with bro. Taken a bath and we headed out for Duck Rice at one restaurant called Kam Heong Duck Rice Restaurant in PJ area. Yummy, it tasted nice! I fed myself quite full !~

After confirmed the departure time of sister, we went Sunway for jalan-jalan while waiting to pick up her -> I never been to its New Wing! Mm...spent about an hour there....
Oh ya, i must talk about this, its carpark is implementing the Nescafe KickStart 's Idea whereby they are using a system to track how many available carpark lots using a sensor on top of car. When your car is in, the signal tower will show red; and turn green when it is empty. By this, system is able to tell you how many freespace showing at the LED display board at each floor. A surprise to see its washroom's design -> was told by bro that its interior design is quite fascinating! Really Cool ! Red + Black color combination -> the contrast of color is so sharp and outstanding. Wandering around audi car exhibition, G2000, Watson,outdoor view of Sunway Hotel and Lagoon.... We rushed to Sg Besi to pick up sister who departed from BP at 9pm.

30th Aug early morning, we headed to Tian Hou Gong temple. Time slot 930am. The whole registration process was very fast; seems like uncontrollable, i mean for us. I think it started before 930am and some of brother's friends missed this. Once getting in, they busy signing the certificates. And then, so called - angkat sumpah and exchange ring to each other. After that, photo taking session together with parents. I think it was less than 10min to complete all....
After that, we went into the temple for "bai bai" (prayer) and do some charity - donation! Of course, it is a nice pretty place for taking photo with families, friends.... Like working as cameraman, I was damn busy running around to take photo for all.... my whole shirt getting wet under the sun!! But, it is not that tired compared to last week's technical symposium last week...thanks god! However, this is the first morning outdoor photoshooting which I was using together with flash.. some of the photos did not bring out the effect... I need to gorek more info to learn about outdoor flashing - haaa...need to employe one assistant for taking the reflection mirror ! lol , im kidding, don't take it seriously :)

After having our lunch at KJ, we went back to hotel to take bath and change clothes. It was unbearable to wear my smelly shirt throughout the day, right? ! We went to SP Setia to brother's new house.. still need to touch up a bit...here and there...... 90% completed. I think that area is a good, transquient place for rest. It is located at the outbound of KL... need to travel some distance if you are working at KL or PJ and gonna pay expensive tol fee of RM3 per trip (kill me pls!!)! But if you are working at Shah Alam or Klang, then it is a perfect place.

Luckily the rain was getting stop before heading to The Curve for shopping... Er...for me, not a lot of thing to see when in The Curve. But for sister, she was kind of busy at Nichii...Again, she picked the favourite color of her - magenta. After that, we went to Kim Gary Restaurant for dinner...For Papa and Mama, those western, japanese....pelik2 food, should be "OUT" for them. Not much choice there...either Hakka, Kim Gary or Tong Shui... Btw, we enjoyed there...:P

Then, we crossed to Ikano Power Center! I jumped into Harney Norman seeking for rechargable battery! Sh*t! no comparison, only have GP and it is kind of expensive with 1 hour recharge time with RM178... Leaving all of them at HN, I went downstair 's ACE hardware... Okay, at least, there are another brand to choose - Energizer. There are a few types to choose for..an hour, 2 hour recharge time...there is USB type somemore for 2-battery type, COOL!~ Finally, I choose the compact charge type which can cater for AA, AAA and 9V 2500mAh....need to top up another 2 more batteries..coz my flash works with 4 AA ma....

That night, we did not countdown for merdeka!! haaa... patriotism? mmm....at least I never betray this country! so I can counted as patriotism wat.....We went back to hotel as everyone was so tired.. I countdown with RTM1 and saw the fireworks through my window at 20th floor high... fireworks was from Dataran Merdeka... I slept with my Reader's Digest then....

Sunday, before going back, paid a visit to The Pavillion. It is a high-class shopping center... and it was merely a window shopping for us... no time to find out where is the 3-floor in one row's Esprit....where is Ting Tai Fong restaurate..... okla.. to be continued for the next trip....

For more photo, please visit http://dizzysoldercrunch.blogspot.com/2008/09/brothers-registration-day.html