Saturday, September 20, 2008

what i see from Moonlight Resonance

Recently quite addicted to HK drama Moonlight Resonance.
mm...why this drama is so successful, i guess is the family relationship that bring out at a big family.. Even though sons are separated from parents, their love are never aparted..
And you will see why human like to lie; to get what they want and protect their backside..
Ya, like auntie Sa, at last she realized she is so wrong and being liar had brought her a lot of consequences... she decided to change..

I remembered, some of my colleages told me, in this working world, we gonna talk certain amount of lie. Boss don't like to listen to truth... you must talk something he like to listen...

human relationship is hard to build and maintain... but as long as there is a bridge -> heart, i think it is not hard..


Baby said...

Sometimes telling too much truth will lead you to something bad. Although too much lies isn't good but might save you. How much you want to tell? You gotta becareful.

teefernee. said...

I think human just need to be more easily contented with everything.

From Heart of Greed, we can see that human are full with gluttony. And like the chinese saying, "Paper cannot cover fire". The truth will always be the truth.

I can't wait to get my hands on Moonlight Resonance. I wanna see it! :)

mei yi said...

hey there.. i love moonlight resonance and now, i'm only stuck at ep29.
I love it so much and there is so much to learn from 'ho ma' ;)

Hsin said...

Me a bit lazy to DL myself...Burn one DVD for me?

BTW, better not lie. You can choose not to tell the truth but not telling lies. It's the same in work or in daily life. Lies are 无底洞..