Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am Primary School Student!!

Tried foot massage at Jusco Bandar Perda after my dinner with my friend..
Actually this is the first time I tried foot massage... normally I will take full body massage
Btw, not bad this trial.
but frankly said, I still prefer full body massage..coz it will touch on your back and shoulder...these are the places where need relax more for me..
Actually quite curious for this massage center, coz it is using china style. Was told different from Thai style massage....
A funny joke happened today -> the china gal -> massage master, she thought I am primary school student while my friend as a school teacher!! OMG!
mmm...may be Im wearing a cap, with sweater with my magazine.... making my friend so paise :P
She said next time must wear a cap like me! ~
Gu*t See - > Admit old lahh!!!


ahfish said...

aiya..i went to Jusco yesterday too, but no fate, can't c ur cutie primary student look :p

dizzysoldercrunch said...

lol..what time you went thr? I was there about 7pm

ahfish said...

ooh..i was there around 5 and went back around 6 due to heavy rain. aiya..should stay longer..missed the chance..sob sob..i still hv 2nd chance to peep? lol

dizzysoldercrunch said... big stay ma...
nvm time u belanja me for massage..then i show u :D