Saturday, September 13, 2008

Farewell Party for ALL

PH, CP, myself, Eric
(Ah beng was not in the view as he was our cameraman lahhh)

It was farewell party for so many people in one shot in Matsuki Japanese Restaurant at Penang.

1. CP +PH for England study trip
2. Eric for England study trip as well
3. CY for US working trip + hubby visiting

Oh yeah, everyone is heading towards their dreams far out there...
Wishing you guys doing well there (study, visiting, enjoy, sight-seeing...anything) keep me posted your recent situation :D

Erm...should not be homesick kua....keep yourself busying visiting around!! You can do budget trip!

For myself, I am thinking for my dreams ...somewhere and someday :) hopefully it can get focus soon.

CH, GS -> which country you opt to go then ? go kiwi land not bad what...then i got place to stay when I visit there then...yo yo


ahfish said...

u can go anywhere u like after ur piggy contract :p i ho sim set u

Hsin said...

kiwi land? I want wonderland...

dizzysoldercrunch said...

aiseh...can make my contract end earlier ? ahfish..come and "sok" me :P

wonderland ar...i believe there are a lot in this world...:D