Saturday, August 22, 2009


Again I moved.

I think until now, it has been many times I move from a place to another place, move from a house to another house and move from a room to another room.

Since Primary 6 after UPSR, I moved to Taiping to further my secondary school. Within secondary school period, I moved three times, but all still in the same taman.

After finishing my study there, I moved to MMU to further my tertiary education. So this is another move! After foundation year, I chose to go Cyberjaya and we were entitled to stay at hostel for the 1st year. 2nd year, I moved out to Cyberia condo blok A1. I stayed there for about 3 years time when our housemates from IT and management completed their degrees and left us. Then, I moved to blok A2 and this house I only stayed for one semester. We then went to a new phase Blok C1.

Another move was at Year 05 when I graduated and got my job offer. I was sent to overseas for OJT training.. This time, I stayed with one of my colleage at Velden city. It was just five month's time. Then, I headed to Kulim for work. Within 3.5years time there, I moved twice when the 1st landlord was going to sell out her property.

And Again, Year 09, I already made 2 times' move.

I would guess, I will still got a lot of moves in the future.

** Oh Moving Moving**

Sunday, August 16, 2009

KLPF 2009

Pretending myself as a photo-enthusiast, kneed down and shoot all these fujifilm models with hundreds of camera...chiiciak chiiciak nonstop!

This year the stage was pretty small due to the venue's space i guess... may be budget is the issue..but I wish KLPF committees can consider a more comfortable area for us in the coming years.. For the exhibition & stores, it was like lacking a lot. Nothing to much to see this year... Somemore the item I asked for was much more expensive compared to Shashinki..(though Shashinki already more expensive compared to market)..

Really hope this fair will become something like PC fair which you can get better offers and prices.

Feel so painful for my knee and hand now :D

Saturday, August 8, 2009

顺发肉骨茶 + Restaurant Tyan Hing 鱼片米粉





你可以叫单单肉骨一人吃 RM6.50,再加其他料,那你就可以真的吃肉骨







Friday, August 7, 2009

Wok & Pan - Pork Chop

BBQ flavour Pork Chop

cappuccino blended

This is an eastern+western style restaurant - Wok & Pan. Was heard that the chef was from a hotel previously and open this restaurant by his own.

Was recommended about the good taste and nice dressing of food.

Mmmm....personally think the restaurant's condition is not that good, can improve some more.. coz the tables are serving until at the roadside.. May be she is kind of economic style.. For the pricing, my pork chop costs me RM9.50 and my capuccino blended RM4.50.. still acceptable lah...if the cook is really from hotel background..

Basically the sauce for my chop is quite nice! I quite like it. Vegetable served a bit lesser..
Worth a try! :)

Went there directly after work. Did not bring my camera..Just taken some photo with phone.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

cute keychain :D

Hey, see these kawaii , am i right? got cup mee type, got tongsui type...noodle type.... cant stop the intuition to own it :D
i personally think the designer is quite creative loh..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food for Weekend

Cendol with very-thick-black-sugar-paste


this cake is made of many-many layers