Saturday, August 22, 2009


Again I moved.

I think until now, it has been many times I move from a place to another place, move from a house to another house and move from a room to another room.

Since Primary 6 after UPSR, I moved to Taiping to further my secondary school. Within secondary school period, I moved three times, but all still in the same taman.

After finishing my study there, I moved to MMU to further my tertiary education. So this is another move! After foundation year, I chose to go Cyberjaya and we were entitled to stay at hostel for the 1st year. 2nd year, I moved out to Cyberia condo blok A1. I stayed there for about 3 years time when our housemates from IT and management completed their degrees and left us. Then, I moved to blok A2 and this house I only stayed for one semester. We then went to a new phase Blok C1.

Another move was at Year 05 when I graduated and got my job offer. I was sent to overseas for OJT training.. This time, I stayed with one of my colleage at Velden city. It was just five month's time. Then, I headed to Kulim for work. Within 3.5years time there, I moved twice when the 1st landlord was going to sell out her property.

And Again, Year 09, I already made 2 times' move.

I would guess, I will still got a lot of moves in the future.

** Oh Moving Moving**

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