Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let's live happily, don't ruin your life

thing changes...
as per plan, to be good.
however, it might goes wrong - to the bad side.
how to twist it ? timing is important, with workmanship comes in.
ya..sometimes we are too self-based. we wish to be noticed, to be recognized, to be appreciated.
sometimes-somehow, thing doesn't go the way it should go, one thing is called " opportunity" need to pumped in! and some people called them "luck".
no worries, gain must come with a lost and vice versa.
when you earn, you lost something back behind... when you lost (you think you are), you earn something there (may be freedom?responsibility?)
don't overpressure yourself, life is a chain - works like a cycle.
just keep on cycling - you will see something out there...
Let's live happily, don't ruin your life :)

GSC movie ticket voucher

Just share with all who never seen GSC ticket voucher before...hehe..this is the 1st time myself to have this. Ya my company is dealing with GSC to get us a discounted rate for 4 movies with only RM18. Yeah.... Sunway i go for you !

p/s: just get to know GSC extend the validity from 2 months to 3 months after receiving overwhelming response from all ~ 2000 tix

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My footprint at Prague

吃呢,还是选了McDonald…Halal 嘛,没法吃KFC 虽然心里想吃得很。。
搭着Tram 到山上的广场,游走四方。
这趟还是我第一回入住dorm…. 不过我们有五个人,不必跟别人share

I hate myself

How much u love yourself?
Rating: ***** (max)
* (min)

I believe alot of people dont like the way how he/she looks like (why he/she never looks nicer than anyone and everyone?), perhap outstanding outlooks will accelerate his/her career. They don't like the way they behave... they don't like themselves for not earning more than others, they don't like themselves for not having the good luck like anyone.....

I don't like why I always lack of time... why I cannot finish to read all books I have now so that I could have more....
I don't like why I am always "cincai" to others ...and a lot of people taking advantage of this.....
I don't like why I cannot just tough enough to my boss, to my colleages , to my vendors.....and even my friends.
I don't like why I cannot go back to home at 515pm daily ? I hate myself why I always need to work OT..
I hate myself why I cannot earn money a lot a lot ??
I dislike why I like to stay alone most of my time....
I dislike myself why I always want to support/help even that is not my work.....
I dislike myself why I not good in lying ?
I hate myself why I cannot get promote after so long ?
I hate myself why I tell him the truth? why don't I just bullshit to him ?
I dislike why there are so many rules in the world ?
I hate why I always have to do what I don't like ?
I dislike why time so pass so slow and my bond still so long ?

I dislike why my fridge get frozen??
I dislike myself why I get fatter nowadays ?
I dislike why I always cannot hear at my handset ?
I hate myself why so lazy to maintain my hobby ?
I hate myself why I need to bear the responsibility even if others do not care?
I hate why I pay so much time to work even is not appreciated? Am I immune to it ?

I also don't know why I hate myself so much.......

I wish I can go to wash my brain one day so that I can forget to hate myself....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks my friends

I'm saying that I'm so great, and how good I have done on my morality or what.. or angelity

Actually I do not like to be solo, so birthday celebration is not important stuff to me.

To me, it was just a date of birth of mine 20+ years ago.

This year, too many disasters happened especially around this period, I personally don't feel like celebrating it. Nothing is so special to celebrate with.

Asking my friends better giving away the money to donation; to myammar or to sichuan, up to them. And yet, was not able to beat their vote. Thus don't want to let them down, finally promised for a early weekend dinner with them at Pulau Tikus Japanese Restaurant. Thanks my friends for your treat, My Unagi will remember for your kindness :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't bang into my life

Don't try to bang into my life. Don't ever try to ask people to tolerate.
Man is easy - say yes mean yes, say no mean no.
Don't try to pursuade, hate people not understand what I said.
If you need me to say so clearly, make sure you are tough enough at the upfront.
Make sure you are so well-capable before you throw your scolding.
Thank you.

What 4 Movies You will Choose?

Taiwan MillionStar III Top 10












Something about Queensbay

Queensbay Mall

One tip to save money for parking
- 1st 5 hours parking at upper floor costs RM1, and RM1 charged for every hour thereafter
- 1st 3 hours parking at G/LG costs RM1, and RM1 charged for every hour thereafter

So, if you are working there, will you go to drive your car out and in again after 3/5 hours so that you will pay only for another RM1 for hours after that? maximum you gonna pay for RM2 for 10hours..worth ?

East India shop
- all the sales persons are "ah kua" .. ?!!?!
I am not looking down at them, just feel weird. for me, their existances are acceptable lah...
Actually we should also giving them some working chances..rite? Standing in the shop is better
to stand in the park..

- not enough chairs/sofa to sit lah.... if you go there during weekend, Starbucks will full and you
have no sofa/bench as well....
- Books in Malaysia are too expensive to own... that is the reason why a lot of people like to read
there instead of buying it back
- If Malaysia can do the renting new books service like Taiwan, it will be best :) rates is not a

- too many salespersons at LG level to pursuade customers at the walkway, please dont copy
the culture from Prangin Mall. Walkway already too crowded with those exhibitions..


I do wish those people who do not know how to tolerate with people, please learn it today onwards...
Never ever stay in your own world, and wanted people around to tolerate with your requirement...everyone have their requirements/needs/preferences, and bcoz of tolerance, we can come to an harmonic situation, as long as it is not making uneasy or uncomfortable for any others..
I personally very hate people put his hon to other during driving....Ya, hon is used to alert people. But somehow, a lot of people misuse it to show his anger to others. Sometimes they make hon to others not because of others make some violation or careless; they hon when they think people have blocked their way although actually they themselves not following the traffic rules.. A lot of driving experiences in Penang made me feel "geram" , basically I think around all corners of malaysia you can see people is so rude during driving.. This is more to the moral or attitude issue already. Some people like to park their car just for the sake of convenient to buy thing, and they think: aiya, just 5min i can settle, never mind lah.... this blocks the traffic flow want for convenience, how about others? You might cause accident to happen in worst case.

Friday, May 23, 2008

San Francisco's Trip (14July07)

Was brought by my vendor to San Francisco, traveling for about an hour from Livermore.
Fascinating trip - and I really Open my Eye.
Now I know why SF is so charming and attractive.

At Fisherman's Wharf of San Franscisco
Crowded with people as it was summer. It was so windy and cold even though it was summer.

People waiting to see sea lions at this popular point - pier 39.

Too bad it was mating season for them, therefore they were away.

Lombard Street - street with 8 sharp turns !

I like this view a lot, taken from the top of street.
so harmony view.

erm...was not perfect day! too foggy making the Golden Gate Bridge only see half!

Museum at Golden Gate Gardens

Japanese Tea Garden
We didn't enter due to need to pay after 10am if I remember correctly

life is not as easy like turning steering

Can u control your life as easy as like turning ur steering?

Thursday, May 22, 2008



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Wesak's Day Rundown - Sg Sedim Bukit Hijau Waterfall

On the way to Bukit Hijau's waterfall, we went for lunch at Kemunting..

Restaurant Kemunting Lake View
we have our lunch here late at 3pm...just feel the taste "normal" only. Was told there is another better,nicer restaurant but more smelly for its fish pond.....and that shop was recommended by astro tv show before

we have 3 types of fishes for this meal: this is Patin Fish, Tevapie fish next to it and Tevapie fish (not inside the photo) + deer meat cost us around RM71.

You can buy some "food" to feed the fished inside the pond, see or not them Bom fishes so tamchiak?

Yu hooo.....sceneric view of waterfall.....

A good shot by steven

with shutter speed 1/80 and aperture 8, you can see the jumping water

with slower shutter speed 1/6 and aperture 32, the silky effect for the waterfall

another testing with shutter 1/8, aperture 29

shutter 1/4, aperture 36

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to You

Happy birthday to you, buddha! Today is Wesak's day yo!

What is Wesak's Day for ? Ya, it is the birthday of buddha; but, it should be phased like this more accurate - The birth, enlightenment and passing away of Buddha.

Date of his birthday is fall on the First full moon of the Taurus, in May.
The observances of this festival is meditation, observing the eight precepts, taking vegetarian food, giving charity and bathing the buddha.

What is the eight percepts then ?

The Eight Precepts are:
-Not to kill
-Not to steal
-Not to engage in improper sexual activity
-Not to indulge in wrong speech
-Not to take intoxicating drinks and drugs
-To abstain from taking food at unreasonable times
-To refrain from sensual pleasures such as dancing, singing and self-adornment
-To refrain from using high and luxurious seats in order to practice humility.

Basically, it is not just a festival for the followers, but it would like to propagate its percepts to public to be more disipline, bring the happiness to others by helping or donating, live in peace, morality.

I believe a lot of people would like this oppoturnity to spread their care and loves to China's earthquake, in material or spiritually through their believe to buddha to bring the country back.

Love yourself by loving them , love them by loving yourself

Actually scare to read newspaper these days....Looking at the pictures..

How much can you hold yourself if your beloved one left unfound, missing, or worst case dead? If you get all of your family dead and left over you alone in this world....

What if your promise to them yet to realized ?
What if their promise to you yet to be implemented ?
Can you just hold the promise till next life ?

Can your tears wash away all your sorrow in heart ? your missing to them ? How long you need to cry to leave this all behind ?

I don't know how to answer these...perhaps you too...

Love yourself by loving them , love them by loving yourself.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Make your mouth open like this :D

If you need some laughter this week after your mountains of workloads, worries..

Take 2 hours of your time for this movie at cinema... I am sure you will like it :)

Love and Hate built from both-way relationship. That depends how you working out on it...
It is not the end of the world when you got dumped....when you lost your job.......
haa...may be you won something else....
like them, not only the money, but relationship

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Paris, je t'aime beaucoup





亲吻它柔细的小手,为离别之说。Paris, je t’aime beaucoup

Friday, May 16, 2008

Joanna Wang

I saw her name few times when downloading other singer's mp3. but I never notice her.

That day I came to a chance to know her when accompanying my friend buying Colbie Caillet's CD, suddenly both of us get shocked to hear this nice voice from the air.

Without hesitation, we asked the shopper who is that fella ? ah-huh, she showed us the CD from "Joanna Wang"! OMG! is a chinese ! we were kind of falling on the floor...thought is a Angmo special.... her looking a bit like Sammy Cheng.... from the CD She is described as 西洋的诺拉琼斯,东洋的小野丽沙....

Ya...downloaded her songs after back to home. Wow! I just cannot describe, I like this album so much. Especially when you listening to " Start from now". Just feel like her voice is so near-touching to my heart.... and I am like floating in the air.....

Very nice album to listen when you gonna do your reading...or coffee time at home.......i personnaly listening while driving

They had described her voice like red wine which could relax your spine.....and like coffee which is exciting... what would you say?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Crisis Counseling

Penang government should be putting this label at Penang Bridge ~
Photo taken at San Franscisco Golden Gate Bridge.

Finding holes

I had been searching for about 5.5hrs for the holes....

god d*** you, it is actually an easy task...however, luck was not by my side....may be I never been good for long time.... (must donate more for those earthquake victims)

4 holes of 0.02mm...on a single tiny+soft metal plate, what we called it objective aperture plate.

It was hold by an assembly which is installed inside the column of high vacuum.

Using very manual way, we gonna search for the center by determine the light at the leftmost and rightmost. then go to the center. Once settle for the X, we gonna adjust the Y to search for the coordinate of the hole.

Thanks god I was not giving after so many hours of trying! finally found it! the beam was shining brightly! A little bit more of patience (actually a lot, we put the new obj aperture, taken out; replaced the original one, taken out; putting in another new between need pump down chamber about 25min's time) At least, bo sia sui lahh..... smile :)

(I am talking about changing objective aperture plate for CDSEM, my job)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Most Popular Name for Baby Girl & Boy for Year-2007

Guess what is the most popular name for baby girl and boy for year -2007 in America??
Yeah - here you go:

Category for Girl:
No1. Emily, No2.Isabella, No3.Emma, No4.Ava, No5.Madison, No6.Sophia, No7.Olivia, No8.Abigail, No9.Hannah and No10.Elizabeth.

Category for Boy:
No1. Jacob, No2.Michael, No3. Joshua, No4. Matthew, No5. Ethan, No6.Daniel, No7. Christopher, No8.Anthony, No9.William and No10.Andrew.

Guessing when will be the day I meet someone who has the same name as me ? may be somewhere in China, Taiwan, LA, or North pole ?
H I THERE ! ! Email me if we share the same name!

Underwear - for you

Found this nice sexy piece of underwear at Men's Uno Malaysia edition. Cool~
Colorful maple leaf across the whole clothing..

Still remember one of my colleage, who like to shop underwear-shop a i think may be he kind of adore of himself in his sexy underwear look or some people did tell him that he is kind of seducing when in shorts...

Ya, actually it is nothing wrong to like nice nice underwear, just like ladies like their pretty bra and underwear..

For those who like underwear, here you may find some fashion for youself.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dance? u dare?

Dance? anyone can dance? No no no....
if you are physically and mentally unsynchronized, then you will dance uglily.
See around pub and disco, is everyone dancing nicely? haa... u know the answer.
If you are the audience for Taiwan's famous singing competition - MillionStar, one of the episode theme would be " dancing" and you would find a lot of people is weak in dancing. and it is fun seeing all of the contestents bring a lot of entertainments and jokes to us, with their terrible, ugly ... (im not criticize...just commenting,ha, myself also cant dance!)

Just a sharing, smile ~

(the VJ momoko made laugh of him that he danced like washing clothes)

This is the video from MillionStar Season3 Episode 2May08:

price rise? inflation ?

Just browse through these 2 news from sinchew online. I personelly think it is good for all.

Prolong of Year of Pencen from 56 to 58

-Our prime ministor, Dato Seri Dr Abdullah Badawi revised and announced today to prolong the year of pencen from 56 to 58 for all government servants, will be effective on 1July.

450B of fund to subsidize on petrol and necesseries

-Government withdrew extra fund to subsidize on the petrol and necesseries to help public on the inflation.
-Public was asked to practise the virtue of saving to fight with inflation due to increasing price of CPO.

Actually recently keep listening people around complain about the rising price.
and what has government done on this ?

Last few days, I went having my lunch at Kulim town, for a plate of chicken rice, it already cost me rm4 instead of rm3.50 after the rising price of rice recently.

This morning, at Pantai Remis, Perak, when buying my curry mee as breakfast, the hawker told me meehoon's price also rised about rm1.XX. however, they cannot simply rise the price to burden the customers. Everyone is struggling for this.

Im not sure when my company gonna do the salary adjustment for us when everything is going up, but our salary is still constant, yearly increment of ~ 5%.

Just feel that the value of money is getting smaller and smaller. It is the whole world trend.
What can be done to make our money well use? mmm....of course it cannot be bigger, we gonna save, may be change to eat bread instead of rice. rm2.10 you can get a loaf of soft-yummy gardenia bread and it might can get you full for few meals. But im sure none of us can eat like angmo, day day bread, cereal and pasta... none of us will get happy if there is no more rice in life.... may be just control lah.... im sure yellow mee, all kinds of mee type's price will get increased pretty soon.... haa.....may be eat pau loh..... fyi, for those who never eat pau for some times, rm1.10 for a piece of char sui pau in Kulim and vege pau also will cost you rm0.90... thanks for the expensive ar...the best is jiak cao (eat

Happy Mother's day

Back for mother's day,

bought euyansang's wisconsin american ginseng tea.
We made it earlier as I gonna work on Sunday Friday and Saturday also doesn't matter ma....

Bro bought a green tea cake from PJ at Orange Zone bakery, mmm.... a healthy,less sugar cake...
in between the sponge cake, you can find some red beans. Quite special!

walao, this round balik kampung, eat so much, hokkien mee, curry mee, chicken rice, cake, cai kueh with yam.....

kampung-made SEAFOOD curry mee

For those curry-mee fans, I must introduce this special kampung-made SEAFOOD curry mee.
See yourself at the ingredient, there are small prawns, fish - two types of fish (one is stingray and another is shark, some other stalls offers fried kambong fish or sam ger), fish cake, fried pork skin.
Actually the most attractive part of this curry mee is its soup. It is different from penang type (plain santan) or KL type (normally is curry chicken thick-soup).
You may add the ingredients for additional rm0.50 for more fish and prawns. Worth right?
The portion above is only RM3.00 with additional fish + prawns.
and Ya, it is the normal practice for the kampung people to have curry mee as their daily breakfast ! And dont try to look for this at afternoon or evening, the stalls only open for morning session.
A good breakfast will bring you the energy for the later work...yeah!
Unless I got stomachache, else i wont miss this as my breakfast when I back to kampung.
Ya, it is Curry Mee from Pantai Remis, Perak. Nanyang Siang Pau did introduce the curry mee here before. May be can try to introduce to 8TV 's Ho Ciak!

Friday, May 9, 2008



明虾, 虾姑, 虾米, 排骨, 葱, 炸葱油, 鸡蛋, 辣椒油(可在巴杀购到), 米粉, 黄面, 豆芽, 江鱼仔

1. 先煲汤底 - 按照份量加如江鱼仔,中火滚2-3 钟。
2. 暴香切片明虾 , 虾姑和虾米。
3. 当汤底已滚,把排骨加入烫熟。
4. 再另外准备水滚蛋。
5. 葱切丁。
6. 加辣椒油入汤底,视辣度而制。
7. 将剩下的辣椒油炒香,想更辣者过后可再加入。
8. 准备一锅滚水,将豆芽,米粉和黄面烫烫。
9. 一切材料已备好,可上碗福建面了。