Sunday, May 25, 2008


I do wish those people who do not know how to tolerate with people, please learn it today onwards...
Never ever stay in your own world, and wanted people around to tolerate with your requirement...everyone have their requirements/needs/preferences, and bcoz of tolerance, we can come to an harmonic situation, as long as it is not making uneasy or uncomfortable for any others..
I personally very hate people put his hon to other during driving....Ya, hon is used to alert people. But somehow, a lot of people misuse it to show his anger to others. Sometimes they make hon to others not because of others make some violation or careless; they hon when they think people have blocked their way although actually they themselves not following the traffic rules.. A lot of driving experiences in Penang made me feel "geram" , basically I think around all corners of malaysia you can see people is so rude during driving.. This is more to the moral or attitude issue already. Some people like to park their car just for the sake of convenient to buy thing, and they think: aiya, just 5min i can settle, never mind lah.... this blocks the traffic flow want for convenience, how about others? You might cause accident to happen in worst case.

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