Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Most Popular Name for Baby Girl & Boy for Year-2007

Guess what is the most popular name for baby girl and boy for year -2007 in America??
Yeah - here you go:

Category for Girl:
No1. Emily, No2.Isabella, No3.Emma, No4.Ava, No5.Madison, No6.Sophia, No7.Olivia, No8.Abigail, No9.Hannah and No10.Elizabeth.

Category for Boy:
No1. Jacob, No2.Michael, No3. Joshua, No4. Matthew, No5. Ethan, No6.Daniel, No7. Christopher, No8.Anthony, No9.William and No10.Andrew.

Guessing when will be the day I meet someone who has the same name as me ? may be somewhere in China, Taiwan, LA, or North pole ?
H I THERE ! ! Email me if we share the same name!

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