Friday, May 16, 2008

Joanna Wang

I saw her name few times when downloading other singer's mp3. but I never notice her.

That day I came to a chance to know her when accompanying my friend buying Colbie Caillet's CD, suddenly both of us get shocked to hear this nice voice from the air.

Without hesitation, we asked the shopper who is that fella ? ah-huh, she showed us the CD from "Joanna Wang"! OMG! is a chinese ! we were kind of falling on the floor...thought is a Angmo special.... her looking a bit like Sammy Cheng.... from the CD She is described as 西洋的诺拉琼斯,东洋的小野丽沙....

Ya...downloaded her songs after back to home. Wow! I just cannot describe, I like this album so much. Especially when you listening to " Start from now". Just feel like her voice is so near-touching to my heart.... and I am like floating in the air.....

Very nice album to listen when you gonna do your reading...or coffee time at home.......i personnaly listening while driving

They had described her voice like red wine which could relax your spine.....and like coffee which is exciting... what would you say?

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