Saturday, May 10, 2008

price rise? inflation ?

Just browse through these 2 news from sinchew online. I personelly think it is good for all.

Prolong of Year of Pencen from 56 to 58

-Our prime ministor, Dato Seri Dr Abdullah Badawi revised and announced today to prolong the year of pencen from 56 to 58 for all government servants, will be effective on 1July.

450B of fund to subsidize on petrol and necesseries

-Government withdrew extra fund to subsidize on the petrol and necesseries to help public on the inflation.
-Public was asked to practise the virtue of saving to fight with inflation due to increasing price of CPO.

Actually recently keep listening people around complain about the rising price.
and what has government done on this ?

Last few days, I went having my lunch at Kulim town, for a plate of chicken rice, it already cost me rm4 instead of rm3.50 after the rising price of rice recently.

This morning, at Pantai Remis, Perak, when buying my curry mee as breakfast, the hawker told me meehoon's price also rised about rm1.XX. however, they cannot simply rise the price to burden the customers. Everyone is struggling for this.

Im not sure when my company gonna do the salary adjustment for us when everything is going up, but our salary is still constant, yearly increment of ~ 5%.

Just feel that the value of money is getting smaller and smaller. It is the whole world trend.
What can be done to make our money well use? mmm....of course it cannot be bigger, we gonna save, may be change to eat bread instead of rice. rm2.10 you can get a loaf of soft-yummy gardenia bread and it might can get you full for few meals. But im sure none of us can eat like angmo, day day bread, cereal and pasta... none of us will get happy if there is no more rice in life.... may be just control lah.... im sure yellow mee, all kinds of mee type's price will get increased pretty soon.... haa.....may be eat pau loh..... fyi, for those who never eat pau for some times, rm1.10 for a piece of char sui pau in Kulim and vege pau also will cost you rm0.90... thanks for the expensive ar...the best is jiak cao (eat

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afternoon tea said...

i must agree with you ah, rice is very important gah.... i don't mind ppl calling 饭桶, but now i really feel the pain for not able to eat rice only daily basis lah. later i will become angmo ... wakaka