Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Wesak's Day Rundown - Sg Sedim Bukit Hijau Waterfall

On the way to Bukit Hijau's waterfall, we went for lunch at Kemunting..

Restaurant Kemunting Lake View
we have our lunch here late at 3pm...just feel the taste "normal" only. Was told there is another better,nicer restaurant but more smelly for its fish pond.....and that shop was recommended by astro tv show before

we have 3 types of fishes for this meal: this is Patin Fish, Tevapie fish next to it and Tevapie fish (not inside the photo) + deer meat cost us around RM71.

You can buy some "food" to feed the fished inside the pond, see or not them Bom fishes so tamchiak?

Yu hooo.....sceneric view of waterfall.....

A good shot by steven

with shutter speed 1/80 and aperture 8, you can see the jumping water

with slower shutter speed 1/6 and aperture 32, the silky effect for the waterfall

another testing with shutter 1/8, aperture 29

shutter 1/4, aperture 36

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