Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to You

Happy birthday to you, buddha! Today is Wesak's day yo!

What is Wesak's Day for ? Ya, it is the birthday of buddha; but, it should be phased like this more accurate - The birth, enlightenment and passing away of Buddha.

Date of his birthday is fall on the First full moon of the Taurus, in May.
The observances of this festival is meditation, observing the eight precepts, taking vegetarian food, giving charity and bathing the buddha.

What is the eight percepts then ?

The Eight Precepts are:
-Not to kill
-Not to steal
-Not to engage in improper sexual activity
-Not to indulge in wrong speech
-Not to take intoxicating drinks and drugs
-To abstain from taking food at unreasonable times
-To refrain from sensual pleasures such as dancing, singing and self-adornment
-To refrain from using high and luxurious seats in order to practice humility.

Basically, it is not just a festival for the followers, but it would like to propagate its percepts to public to be more disipline, bring the happiness to others by helping or donating, live in peace, morality.

I believe a lot of people would like this oppoturnity to spread their care and loves to China's earthquake, in material or spiritually through their believe to buddha to bring the country back.

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