Saturday, May 3, 2008

OSK's Seminar + Stocks Tips

Attended OSK's seminar last Friday at Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang, Penang.
This talk was introducing their Will Writing, Trust fund.

Ya, it is important to aware of the vital of will and trust for your loved ones in the near future when you are no longer here with them.
We wanted our loved ones are still financially, mentally supported with the money we leftover with proper management and flow; no wrong/misuse.

The longing moment for all, of course, was the talk about the 2nd half of stocks market in Malaysia.
A few opinions/recommendations were thrown out to audience:

Looks-good sectors :
  1. Plantation
  2. Oil and Gas
  3. Steel
  4. Water

Recommended stock counters:

  1. IOI corp
  2. Tradewinds
  3. TH plantation
  4. KNM Group
  5. Kencana Petroleum
  6. Dialog Group
  7. Wah Seong
  8. Zelan
  9. UEM
  10. WTC Engineering
  11. Resorts World

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