Friday, May 9, 2008



- to a lot of people, it is the alternative apart from his stocks counter, unit trusts, properties and etc.
- investors use this to diversifies their investment portfolio especially in this up-and-down market trend. At least to them, gold investment is a convincing, promising long-term commodity investing.

What is Gold:

-the only yellow metal, symbol Au
-shiny and will not rust or stain.
-good conductor with a high melting point.

-money: used as coins since prehistoc period

Within 1-month time since mid-April, Public Bank and Maybank selling their new product - Gold investment with different naming.

Public Bank -> Gold Investment Account

  • Minimum initial purchase: 20gms
  • Minimum balance in acc: 2gms
  • Minimum subsequent purchase: 5gms
  • Service fee: An annual fee of RM10 will be levied on the designated deposit account on the first day of the calendar year if the account balance is below 10gms as at year end.

Pros: no annual fee is applied if your account balance is more than 10gms.

Cons: higher capital to be invested if you select PB due to its higher minumum requirements.

Maybank - > Gold Savings Passbook Account

  • Minimum initial purchase: 5gms
  • Minimum balance in acc: 1gms
  • Minimum subsequent purchase: 5gms
  • Service fee: 1/4% p.a. on the highest gold balance per month

Pros: lower capital and more affordable for public to invest

Cons: an service fee will be imposed

Paper-gold and physical gold investments of course apartly different. If you do not know the method of proper handle physical gold, then it is advisible not to take up it as the value of gold might drop due to mishandling. Think twice !!

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