Sunday, May 4, 2008


I had given my first time to Phuket!

Really unbelievable I am able to do this!! Salute ~

My mom yelled I was crazy trying out this dead-scaring games :)

Ya... among 2 of 5 of us, Myself and Chia Hsin took this challenge - Bungee Jump! 60Metres high in the sky - and you can see the Patong Beach from there.

Wow, it was really fainted and feel like vomiting right after the jump!

Haha...told you what, when both of us reaching there, seeing the environment + facilities, we feel like not that secure (not as what we think), however, No Jump No Refund - 1500 baht...... (see the notice on the car)

Remember to bring your Yoko-yoko - your chest will get pain

-----Die then die lah! take my guts out!! -----


Khai said...

Wa lao eh! Leng Cai oo kao heong! =D

You should go to NZ Queens Town, the birth place of bungee jump. It is more established and seems safer.

afternoon tea said...

wah, my friend so geng de ! you got all my respect ! you are the man !!

Anonymous said...

hahah.. Friend, that's crazy~ you're really a MAN!!

dizzysoldercrunch said...

haha...thanks im no sure brave enough to go for 2nd time or not....i know US got another higher...>100m height...NZ not sure when i got the chance to go... anyone of u wanna join ?

Holly Jean said...

wow.. cool. at least u didn't scream like a girl or pee in your pants!!


Thanks for sharing

dizzysoldercrunch said...

hi holly jean,

of course im not peeing in my pant :P just feel like to tension is sketching at my chest and need to shout out ! worth a try! go go go