Sunday, September 20, 2009

How I celebrated My Raya

Unable to catch up time for [UP] due to traffic jam on the way to cinema....
Too jam! Damn with so many foreigners from luar negeri...opps..seems like im from luar negeri pun wor, paise paise...Already on road at 140pm, movie on 240pm still missed!
Btw, we were 30 min late, forced to change to another movie.
Have made a wrong choice by selecting [GAMER].. Damn, first 10 min I already feel like going out..
Luckily just paid rm4.5o for this movie.. not so heart-broken.

Got my "bing pi" mooncake finally from the baker's cottage. Was told by my friend it was really nice last year and I was not able to get it for times after purposely frequent to Jusco for it... Actually I can't find it since 2 weeks ago here and even at BP when visiting my sister there coz all what I saw were just temporary stalls without fridge.. I guess it is troublesome to maintain as well and may be the people here prefer traditional type ??...Today "terserempak" with the baker's cottage stall at the end site :D:D after movie... so... my pocket again slimmer with RM10 note.. Wish my friend did not bluff me...

Friday, September 11, 2009

RM10 for a Lesson..CHEAP!

I love black sesame! and happy when I found this instant black sesame cereal, coz i wanna drink it anytime I wish to.

I get shocked when I did my groceries shopping at Giant!
I found this pack of Greenmax black sesame cereal sold with extra RM10 at TKH product Centre. They are earning extra RM10 + their margin earning!
See the receipt below for comparison!

Tag price at Giant

Tag price at TKM Product Centre

It is okay to earn a lesson by RM10..i think it is cheap! Right ? At least it will lose some customers .

Businessman should honest and not just selling with any price they want!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Own-made Spagetti

I put whatever ingredients I have in my fridge in my spagetti..
Mmm..yummy..we can do a lot of mix-and-match for it..
My sister said it looks like fried noodles in mamak..
Haha....i think 80% similarity! LOL

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merdeka's Holiday

Merdeka Holiday, spending one day for new places' triggering!

Bukit Engku Busu just at Lumut, beside a hisdustan temple. Actually once you reach Lumut jetty, go to Police Station, take the left turn once you see police station on your right. Proceed and you will see the temple in front.

Roughly you need to spend 30-45min to reach to the top to view TLDM. Really such a good view with mountain, sea, teluk, islands....

This is another place near to kuari lombong, near to Pantai Remis. Just follow the way until to the end of the road, you will get this view in front of your eye. I think it should be having a lot of fishes here as people are fishing by fishing rod and netting as well.

Another day for photo-shooting at hometown.. riding bike at pelantar area. Last time, we have the "lover's bridge". But after times, it was destroyed some knocking of boats and collapsed. Else, we should be able to get better view at higher area, at least we can see the curvature of the sungai. I remembered I have an photo taken on top of the bridge during secondary school with normal camera.. need to find out next time I back home.

More photo please link to here:

Curry Mee, Pasir Penampang

This is the Curry Mee intro by my brother to me at Pasir Penampang, Kuala Selangor.
The place is somewhere near to the housing area, located at the "abandoned pelantar ikan".
So actually we are eating just by the riverside.

Soup is sweet, minor spicy. Is affordable spicy, suitable for all.
Special thing about this mee is the Egg inside.. normally curry mee seldom add in egg.
The small white prawn+potato cooked with special sweet and spicy flavour, quite nice!

***/***** (3 stars out of 5 stars)

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