Sunday, September 20, 2009

How I celebrated My Raya

Unable to catch up time for [UP] due to traffic jam on the way to cinema....
Too jam! Damn with so many foreigners from luar negeri...opps..seems like im from luar negeri pun wor, paise paise...Already on road at 140pm, movie on 240pm still missed!
Btw, we were 30 min late, forced to change to another movie.
Have made a wrong choice by selecting [GAMER].. Damn, first 10 min I already feel like going out..
Luckily just paid rm4.5o for this movie.. not so heart-broken.

Got my "bing pi" mooncake finally from the baker's cottage. Was told by my friend it was really nice last year and I was not able to get it for times after purposely frequent to Jusco for it... Actually I can't find it since 2 weeks ago here and even at BP when visiting my sister there coz all what I saw were just temporary stalls without fridge.. I guess it is troublesome to maintain as well and may be the people here prefer traditional type ??...Today "terserempak" with the baker's cottage stall at the end site :D:D after movie... so... my pocket again slimmer with RM10 note.. Wish my friend did not bluff me...

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