Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love Psychodelico

Love Psychodelico

is back with their new album release "This is Love Psychodelico~US The Best"

Basically this is their 7th album.
Quite some time I lead my life without them.
Today Kumi and Naoki back to hold my life with my familiar songs "Last Smile", "Your Song"...

Congratulation they had spreading their music far to SF and LA.

In their song, you can find that they are promoting the love and peace throughout the world.
They are labelled as Delico Sound with their unique sound emerges from a fusion of rock with the infinite possibilities brought to music by the digital age.

I like their music, their style, their logo and their attitude...

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


sometimes i try to AND my lifes- but i failed.

too many many thing... I only manage to OR it.

time is the blocking point - which NOR my plan..

i hope i wont NAND my plans - else i will be very sad...

so...gonna XOR it

Monday, June 23, 2008


Do you think they really employed you due to your expertise?
Don't you know may be you are the 3rd or 4th choices of them ?
You might be employed due to they cannot afford to employ those really experienced for their high-salary demand and at the same time, you are better controlled by them afterall. Means, you are 2nd class loh...
You please never ever use your damn-f**king standard to look at people... and think you are damn high-class.
I din see any outstanding of you...and you are not deserve for anything.
After all, you are the one who just PANDAI in giving instructions; but never practical.
Please....not i do not want to respect u. At the upfront, you are not respecting people.
See, why you are still stepping at the same place?
Do you think that is your problem or theirs?
I can lend you my 4 pieces of walls if you do not have any.

Im not trying to insult.
Human got feelings, unless you never feel it before.

Today Recap (23June08)

1. Credit Card will become Useless for a lot of people after today

Hey guys, remember to bring your cash to Petrol Station these days.

Over 3500 petrol stations in nationwide will start rejecting credit card payment due to commission issue between them and government.

FYI, bank will charge 1% on every litre of fuel pumped. Meaning, while the petrol price of RM1.90, Bank charges 19cents; Now, they charge for 27cents.

For petrol station owner, they are only getting the commission of 3% per litre petrol. A lot of owner are facing debt due to this.

2. 30% off for government officers during official trip ?

Do you think govt officers would like to take low-cost carrier since after abandon-ing their 5-star air transport giant MAS? I think their answer will be - No no no!!

Ya, this of course will help on cost-saving! YA, i personally "LEGS-UP" to support this.

As you known, entertainment fees entitled for high-post officers really are burden to country which is occupying public's tax!

Besides the offer, they will enjoy in-flight meals, priority boarding and complimentary checked baggage handling fee. Good deal right ? !!

Longing to see who is the first menteri to support this? u guess who ?

3. Air-conditioner to adjusted to 24degC instead of turning off during lunch

Govertment departments are figuring measures to lower down the expenses on utilities especially high-demand of power consumption on air-cond and lights in offices.

Besides, they also propose taking off their suit and tie; instead, they will like to wear batik to work which is more comfortable and it is official attire for Malaysian.

Mmm..I think batik designer will earn big money if this is implemented.. :D

Actually, my company is already running air-cond at optimum temperature to save cost. But, I personelly feel it is too warm for me to stay in! They should have to take the number of employees in one floor and only decide the temperature to adjust. Don't ever turning up your temperature till it make your employees feel dizzy while working especially after lunch!

Besides, today found that a lot of lamp posts at the carpark of us (about football field-size) were turned off, left over those at the main roads. Mmm..I think this can do at private area, with the "safe" security manforces around. If this to be implement at public area, then it will be not too good as the security is a question mark to all nowadays. What do you think ?

4. Good News for Xpax user

A lot of private companies like bank or communication is giving rebates or voucher for fuel.

This is the latest promotion from Celcom, please take note of its T&C and check whether BHP branch at your area whether in the participation or not!

Guys, you have to reload at BHP to enjoy this promotions.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Time Guarantee

Air Asia will be giving away E-voucher of RM200 or any equivalent currency, with the condition of exceeding 3 hours only.

I myself took 4 flights from this company. Basically each of them also having delay.

Example is the current flight to Laos, the way to Laos get slightly delay. However, for the way back, it postponed about 1hr and 20min. Received SMS during morning breakfast time.

Damn, due to this delay, I missed the flight from KL-Penang at 430pm which is the last flight. My ori flight schedule should be 1110 to 1445. And I should be able to connect my flight later.

This experience told me...don't ever donate this money to Tony. LOL ! It is normal to get delay for cheap flight. Experience teaches me better take bus if you have too short duration in between 2 flights...

And of course, I get nothing from the company, but i donate RM95 for him.

One uncle told me, don't ever pay extra for fast lane. You will get nothing special, it is free seated and you might get your money forfreited anytime. It is true.. :)







p/s: thanks for the picture captured from Sam Lee's MV

I got my RM625 in pocket!

Still so many people overwhelmed Post Office for the MONEY!
I m talking about the cash rebate for fuel subsidy by government after the fuel price increment!

Ya, actually Im kind of lazy to queue up for few hours for it..

But who know, may be tomorrow our PM will have announced to cancel this rebate...then I will get Rugi ler....

Oklah...since Kulim Post Office is opened on Sunday and it is my offday, I decided to go.. (my dad kept mumbling me to do it asap). Too bad, I overslept for an hour, the time I reached there already 9am... crowd of people was filled up the whole post office until the outside walkway...

Ok, fine, I went back 1st for reading my least the officer could clear some of the people there. About 1030am, I went again, WALAO eh....seems like no reduction ! I meant the people... Fine, Get the number 1st and then come back later...I got # 1552 vs current # was 1242. Damn, 300 people in queue..... O_O

Mmm.. I guess 1pm could reach me..

The time (around 1230pm) I was there in front of post office again, too bad, rained heavily; fine, went for my lunch 1st and then patah balik.

You know what, my number already over!! Cheh gong! (panic)

Bo Bien (no choice), I gonna get another number from the machine - > 1812 vs current #: 1600...

Shit shit!!

Then, I borrowed a pen from a lady coz i forgot to fill up the receipt portion... (actually should be filled up by officer, but I saw everyone was filling it, just follow lah....good also lah,actually this help to reduce the processing time per person; they just need to verify the system and release the money). This lady gave me an Number -> 1682 , which was given by someone to her also.. Ya...perfect! I saw save about 120 queue...

Later found out that actually a lot of numbers calling, there was nobody attend to the counter... And it pass, pass and pass....I wait about half an hour and get my turn.

Given her my left thumb print on the paper after her verification on the system, she threw bunch of money notes to me!Actually I was expecting RM50 notes..who knows...were RM10 notes....

Finally got my RM625...

I belived a lot of people already familiar with the method how to claim it, if you are not sure, you may visit this website for further detail.


You may print out the form online and fill in before entering post office. Else you may collect the form at the counter as well. Remember to bring along your IC, that's it!

Easy procedure!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Panda brings kungfu to town!

I spent my first ticket voucher to Kungfu Panda. Damn funny!

The story brings out the meaning from Po, panda whereby his weakness becomes his strength.

So panda can do it, none of us cannot do it. Don't ever underestimate yourself.

I believe you must like this movie, the cinema was full of laughter.

A lot of stuffs at the official website of it...

Happy Father's Day

Ya, the relationship with father and with mother would be different for a lot of people.

Father spends a lot of time outside to earn hard money to grow us up, and mother be the one who nurtures us most of the time at home.

May be you would be not that close with father...but don't let this block you from loving him.

A meal, a gift or a hug will do....

See what way you like to express..
Happy father's day!

a tea set bought from purplecane

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 3-4 in Laos - Bye

Saying Bye-bye to VV, we back to Vientiane on the next morning.
Really have no enough time for another round of tubing.

We checked in another hotel - Mali Namphu Guesthouse at Pangkham Rue.(near to the fountain), room a little bit smaller and old.

We rest at room for some while after long hour travel - watching Mr. Beam Movie. Out for lunch, having noodle soup with duck.
We walked towards Phra That Luang, same direction as Patuxai.
Passing through some scenes like below:

Morning market

tuk-tuk parking at roadside waiting for customers

Local handicraft - they looks like the container to keep sticky rice

Ya, not sure why the speed limit at Vientiane is set at only 30 ? ? anyone can answer me this? Is it because they are having a lot of bikes, tuk-tuk?

We walked quite far, i think more than 30min to reach this destinations - ended up sweating smelly *-*

Phra That Luang - originally was built in 3rd century. The original small stupa was made by stone. during the reign of the great king Xaisethathirath in 16th century after the king transferred from Luang Prabang to Vientiane in 1560A.D. The stupa was enlarged in 1566A.D. then.

Like a lot of other vats, you gonna pay 5,000 kip for the entrance.

Some people were doing the workship to the statue below which is located at the entrance.

Any special meaning for those weird statues - all looks like something else instead of buddha.

We took tuk-tuk to Vat Ho Phra Keo which is at the other end of Vientiane. We would be gonna miss it if we walk down to it as Vat is closed at 4pm.

Ho Phra Keo - was built in 1565 A.D. by Great King Xaisethathirath. It was built for keeping the emerald buddha only. However, all the emerd buddhas were in foreign now.


We went for a drink at the Mekong riverside. This was my 1st Beer Lao, costing me 8,000 for a small.

Sunset view of Mekong River

We went for a massage at White Lotus after drinks, a shop just opposite to our hotel - 50,000 kip for an hour traditional massage. Wooaa... they were really good massage master. I felt totally release after it. We back to the riverside for dinner, with the order of sticky rice, BBQ fish, papaya salad.

The taste of the fish was like they just supplied salt on the body of fish and BBQ it.
For the salad, it was quite spicy, with a lot of chilli padi in it ,i believed.
We did our readings at the restaurant after makan.

Local ladies/auntie selling their textile products at the Mekong Riverside.

The next morning, while having our breakfast - tuna sandwich + dragon fruit, received an SMS from AirAsia that our flight AK813 would be postponed from 1110 to 1230. Ok, we took this time to National Museum.

Bought some organic coffee and mulberry tea at airport.

We felt very hungry before boarding, therefore, ordered Nasi Briyani + Nescafe on flight.

Steven wished to order Nasi Lemak combo set, but no stock for nasi lemak. Fine, he switched to Nasi Briyani as well.

RM8 Nasi Briyani - a very small portion, taste average only.

As the flight from Vientiane back to KL-LCCT was delayed, we missed our flight back to Penang. 430pm was the last flight to Penang. We therefore went to KLIA asking for MAS flight schedule. Too bad, the air tix was quite expensive RM280 (it would be RM380 for me to go back to Penang, including the RM100 from the flight I missed).
I decided to take bus.
I did not know what's wrong with the day. The bus we took got air-cond problem, the driver opened the window at the rooftop. Damn, the strong wind kept swepting me throughout the journey. Even using the jacket to cover my face, I felt still cold and could not even sleep well.
Was lied by the counter that the ride was direct, the driver entered a lot of places - Jalan Duta, Tg Malim, Ipoh, Bagan Serai, Parit Buntar, Butterworth...
I nearly get mad that it took so many hours to reach Kulim, from 830pm to 5am.
Please, don't ever take Betong Bus - Boycott it!!!

Day-2 in Laos - Vang Vieng

2nd Day was our main purpose of to be in Laos ->

Vang Vieng, Here we come

We took a bus to Vang Vieng at 7am. It took us about 4hours journey. Wow, it was a very old bus, you could see a lot of thing and bag hanging on top of your head on the netting.Besides, the walkway was full-packed with those vegetables and some groceries which to be sent to rural areas. This journey costed us only 30,000 kip (~4USD). It was not a good experience to paddle through the mountain areas with this kind of bus. Of course, you can choose VIP bus which could cost you about 90,000kip or more.

We checked in our hotel - Le Jardin Organique . It is a very nice kampung-look chalet style. Ya, this is the dream homeland. So relax and greenish surrounding, i feel the tranquility of the nature. The whole chalet was built with wood.

After took our bath, heading to the main street for our 1st meal in VV. After checking some detail with the tubing agency, we headed to one of the typical lying style restaurant for our lunch. I had ordered my " Fried Spagetti with pork". Too bad, forgot to take photo for it,
I couldn't find my spagetti inside the plate when my meal was served. Ho ho ho..... it is the local style, a lot of pork + onions + groundnut and eat with plain rice. Not bad the taste!~ Ya, it is the merely special thing for the restaurant in VV to show drama "Friends" on their TV. All the restaurants doing the same thing!!~ I wonder why, why not "Heroes" ,"Prison Break", "Desperate Housewives" or others.... special right? :)

It was still raining after our lunch. We must make our trip perfect with this Tubing!! Did not care about the Rain! This is our MAIN OBJECTIVE ! Signing the contract with the agency and paid for 100,000 (40,000 for renting the tube and 60,000 for deposit), we were brought to the organic farm as our starting point of tubing which was at the top side of the river.

Yeah, the river is much more wider than what I expected. and the current looks much more faster than imagine. Even though there is no safety precaution to do this kind of activity here, I didn't care much, I was brought far to here for this for enjoy this! This is the only place to do tubing in SEA as far as I knew. could not control yourself on your tube to te direction you wanted. Current would bring you along the river, what you have to do -> just floating!! haha

You could not see anything underdeath as the river water looks so yellowish ~ any crocodile ?haa...

The first and second station were too early for us and we could not reach to landed there for drinks and games. Seeing a lot of angmos there, aiksss..might miss out some chicks :P

This was the only station we stopped for drinks and rest. A lot of americans, austrialians, asians gathering around; there were polls, drinks, food, fire for keeping warm..

Steven recommended me to order mushroom shake. Too bad, not available. I ordered mushroom tea instead. Nice taste! After that, Steven only told me their mushroom is Ganja. OMG -> I did illegal act ! But it is legal in their country, illegal in Malaysia. So, worth to try here. Yumyum... Besides this, we had Tiger+Coke+Redbull. Yo -> steam......

my mushroom tea

Steven sucking bucket of "tiger+coke+redbull"

A lot of angmo like this "air terjun" game

A stall selling the duck eggs (which they called balut), dried fishes (i think is salted one), and squids

We bought a "ayam panggang" from the stall next to this and played around with this chicken~ posing posing with cool-cool looks

We spent our night at another restaurant whereby full of angmos. mm..This time, I had a local food, couldn't remember the name of the food, is pork fried with some vege; a little salty to me. And we just lying in the seats watching "Friends" for a lot of episodes.. really long time never watch this :)

Good night Vang Vieng ~