Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why buttons on women's clothes on left while men on right?

While waiting for my car to feed petrol in long queue, I browsed through this question which my colleage asked me before. Our director told him he will promote him if he can answer this question.

You wanna make a try ?

Why are buttons on women's clothes placed on the left side while men on the right side ?

** feel free to feedback your answer :) I will announce tomorrow


jEaN Le said...

because last time the generals they will put their sword at the left, and when they draw their sword, their clothes wun interfere in the drawing of the knife..

for woman is because their maids wear the clothes for them, so its easier for them as mostly are right handers!

am i right? haha fellow nuffnanger here!

Anonymous said...

i seldom leave comments but this time i feel like leaving.

eh, because man is always right.
HAHAA, is it the answer?!

Te@rs oF LuV said...

this would help.

Yuping said...

According to Metali Goswami of De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, this particular fashion conundrum has its roots in Victorian era, at a time when buttons were expensive and mostly worn by wealthy people. Women also had servants to dress them. "Given that most people are right-handed, their buttons were placed on the servant's right, which is the wearer's left side." Men, on the other hand, dressed themselves so their buttons were placed on their right side. Those who could not afford servants copied the style of the wealthy, and women's button have remained on the left since.

dizzysoldercrunch said...

hey guys, actually i read from RD, the answer is exactly like waht yuping posted here.
im not sure whether the say for men stated by jean le is true or not..but sound trustable :)

jean le, how u get to know this all ?

afternoon tea said...

i love zc's answer : man is always right :)