Sunday, June 1, 2008

Privacy ? Kepoci ?

I am the person who looks privacy seriously..
For me, privacy means something personel, you need not to tell to 2nd or 3rd parties.
It belongs to himself/herself.
Like some people, they like to ask when calling: hallo, free to speak? where are you?
Do you think the location will affecting the conversation process or just your "kepoci" want to know what people are doing ?
Mmm....for me, I think that, people will automatically let you know the whereabout of him if he would like to share.
Ya, may be that is kind of caring between friends.
But, some colleages, they like to ask this before stating out their purpose of calling.
If your friends or colleages already mentioned clearly that he/she would not like to expose the location, then just forget it. Don't try to ask further, you are kind of cross the privacy border even though you are a good friend of him/her.
Whatever bad thing come across their minds, let it be.... you can choose not to answer.
Also, don't try to read someone's documents/ letters before you get the permission to do so. Even you think the letter might be something important, please ask before do.
Or you will stare or read the letters that expose on the table or email shown on the monitor.
Chinese have a say: Take without ask is Steal. This is very true.
You are like stealing someone privacy...
Sometimes, know less better than know more, even though your curiosity level is that damn high.

Respect other's privacy is like respecting yourself.
If you cross someone's privacy line, it might make your looks low moral.

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