Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4 Days 10 Hours ?

A lot of rural areas of US already practising this to cope and fight with the increasing price of petrol which overwhelming day after day. They changed their working day from 5-day to 4-day.
Could it possible ? A lot of you will ask...
They are working 10 hours for 4 days now instead of 8 hours for 5 days. So basically they save up one day-travel expense for petrol. I think this measure is very good, besides saving money for your petrol; may be you can do some part time to earn more to fight with inflation.
For Asian, it is not a problem at all for them to work long hours. For me, now I work about 10-12hours per day for 5 days weekly. So I will agree this implementation but somehow it is not possible for wafer fab. (can just making dream!~)

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Dragonosl said...

I totally agree with the 4 days 10 hours working..But i think for it will not be done in Malaysia..Only the thing can say, Malaysian (financial problem) sure will suffer a critical period in their financial if the new price scheme is following the fuel oil price in market. Economy will down, the price for everything will be increased. Just only one sentence, HOW TO LIVE???