Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 3-4 in Laos - Bye

Saying Bye-bye to VV, we back to Vientiane on the next morning.
Really have no enough time for another round of tubing.

We checked in another hotel - Mali Namphu Guesthouse at Pangkham Rue.(near to the fountain), room a little bit smaller and old.

We rest at room for some while after long hour travel - watching Mr. Beam Movie. Out for lunch, having noodle soup with duck.
We walked towards Phra That Luang, same direction as Patuxai.
Passing through some scenes like below:

Morning market

tuk-tuk parking at roadside waiting for customers

Local handicraft - they looks like the container to keep sticky rice

Ya, not sure why the speed limit at Vientiane is set at only 30 ? ? anyone can answer me this? Is it because they are having a lot of bikes, tuk-tuk?

We walked quite far, i think more than 30min to reach this destinations - ended up sweating smelly *-*

Phra That Luang - originally was built in 3rd century. The original small stupa was made by stone. during the reign of the great king Xaisethathirath in 16th century after the king transferred from Luang Prabang to Vientiane in 1560A.D. The stupa was enlarged in 1566A.D. then.

Like a lot of other vats, you gonna pay 5,000 kip for the entrance.

Some people were doing the workship to the statue below which is located at the entrance.

Any special meaning for those weird statues - all looks like something else instead of buddha.

We took tuk-tuk to Vat Ho Phra Keo which is at the other end of Vientiane. We would be gonna miss it if we walk down to it as Vat is closed at 4pm.

Ho Phra Keo - was built in 1565 A.D. by Great King Xaisethathirath. It was built for keeping the emerald buddha only. However, all the emerd buddhas were in foreign now.


We went for a drink at the Mekong riverside. This was my 1st Beer Lao, costing me 8,000 for a small.

Sunset view of Mekong River

We went for a massage at White Lotus after drinks, a shop just opposite to our hotel - 50,000 kip for an hour traditional massage. Wooaa... they were really good massage master. I felt totally release after it. We back to the riverside for dinner, with the order of sticky rice, BBQ fish, papaya salad.

The taste of the fish was like they just supplied salt on the body of fish and BBQ it.
For the salad, it was quite spicy, with a lot of chilli padi in it ,i believed.
We did our readings at the restaurant after makan.

Local ladies/auntie selling their textile products at the Mekong Riverside.

The next morning, while having our breakfast - tuna sandwich + dragon fruit, received an SMS from AirAsia that our flight AK813 would be postponed from 1110 to 1230. Ok, we took this time to National Museum.

Bought some organic coffee and mulberry tea at airport.

We felt very hungry before boarding, therefore, ordered Nasi Briyani + Nescafe on flight.

Steven wished to order Nasi Lemak combo set, but no stock for nasi lemak. Fine, he switched to Nasi Briyani as well.

RM8 Nasi Briyani - a very small portion, taste average only.

As the flight from Vientiane back to KL-LCCT was delayed, we missed our flight back to Penang. 430pm was the last flight to Penang. We therefore went to KLIA asking for MAS flight schedule. Too bad, the air tix was quite expensive RM280 (it would be RM380 for me to go back to Penang, including the RM100 from the flight I missed).
I decided to take bus.
I did not know what's wrong with the day. The bus we took got air-cond problem, the driver opened the window at the rooftop. Damn, the strong wind kept swepting me throughout the journey. Even using the jacket to cover my face, I felt still cold and could not even sleep well.
Was lied by the counter that the ride was direct, the driver entered a lot of places - Jalan Duta, Tg Malim, Ipoh, Bagan Serai, Parit Buntar, Butterworth...
I nearly get mad that it took so many hours to reach Kulim, from 830pm to 5am.
Please, don't ever take Betong Bus - Boycott it!!!

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