Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What are whole Malaysia doing now ?

I believe, you know the answer...
Since 5pm, announcement made by our PM, all people rushing to petrol station to pump their car, motorbikes...
Reading MalaysiaKini at office, thought only effective on Aug. Who knows, my dad called me to pump petrol. Therefore, called up my friend whose dad owing a petrol station to verify, walao eh, confirmed liao.
At first, thinking that, I still have 3-quarter full and lazy to queue up. But, now rise about 40.6% ler! a big amount ler!! So, just go somewhere further, thought got lesser people, lol, I gonna queue for 45min for RM30 petrol. However, I saved about RM12.
Mm... throughput Malaysia, I think this is much more HEBAT compared to jualan Hebat!! Everyone is doing the same activities at this moment till midnight or till the petrol finish selling.
78cents increment to RM2.70 per litre for petrol - what the frightening figure to all of us...
Diesel price also increased RM1 to RM2.58.
For vehicle less than 2000cc, we managed to get the cash rebate of RM625 , payment will be made by money order when renewing road tax.
Also, effectively from 1July, we are going to face another crisis of increasing rates for electricity of 18% for homes and 26% for business.
Please prepare ourselves well to face the increasing price for all items, chain effect from petrol price rising.

On the way back to home after dinner at Raja Uda, I am thinking of methods to save little money from daily life, for your reference - Kulim guys

1. Stay to take your lunch at company's canteen

2. if your canteen's food really sux and you need to go out, just go to Guang Ming, which offering cheap economy rice until today and near to high-tech as well.

3. Buy more bread for your dinner - healthy and save money

4. Don't go to steep road, take flat road on your way to office, to prevent you from pick-up, eg. the way at Kota Kenari or road in front of Uni KL.
Tell boss that you might get late for meeting as we have to drive in constant speed

5. Request company to increase your transportation allowance!

6. On air-cond less as recently rain quite frequent.

7. Car-pool with colleages to work

8. Don't take the chicken rice at town (shop opposite to old cinema), which sell at RM4, I believe they will increase another 50cents later.

9. Buy a motorbike to work

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