Monday, June 23, 2008

Today Recap (23June08)

1. Credit Card will become Useless for a lot of people after today

Hey guys, remember to bring your cash to Petrol Station these days.

Over 3500 petrol stations in nationwide will start rejecting credit card payment due to commission issue between them and government.

FYI, bank will charge 1% on every litre of fuel pumped. Meaning, while the petrol price of RM1.90, Bank charges 19cents; Now, they charge for 27cents.

For petrol station owner, they are only getting the commission of 3% per litre petrol. A lot of owner are facing debt due to this.

2. 30% off for government officers during official trip ?

Do you think govt officers would like to take low-cost carrier since after abandon-ing their 5-star air transport giant MAS? I think their answer will be - No no no!!

Ya, this of course will help on cost-saving! YA, i personally "LEGS-UP" to support this.

As you known, entertainment fees entitled for high-post officers really are burden to country which is occupying public's tax!

Besides the offer, they will enjoy in-flight meals, priority boarding and complimentary checked baggage handling fee. Good deal right ? !!

Longing to see who is the first menteri to support this? u guess who ?

3. Air-conditioner to adjusted to 24degC instead of turning off during lunch

Govertment departments are figuring measures to lower down the expenses on utilities especially high-demand of power consumption on air-cond and lights in offices.

Besides, they also propose taking off their suit and tie; instead, they will like to wear batik to work which is more comfortable and it is official attire for Malaysian.

Mmm..I think batik designer will earn big money if this is implemented.. :D

Actually, my company is already running air-cond at optimum temperature to save cost. But, I personelly feel it is too warm for me to stay in! They should have to take the number of employees in one floor and only decide the temperature to adjust. Don't ever turning up your temperature till it make your employees feel dizzy while working especially after lunch!

Besides, today found that a lot of lamp posts at the carpark of us (about football field-size) were turned off, left over those at the main roads. Mmm..I think this can do at private area, with the "safe" security manforces around. If this to be implement at public area, then it will be not too good as the security is a question mark to all nowadays. What do you think ?

4. Good News for Xpax user

A lot of private companies like bank or communication is giving rebates or voucher for fuel.

This is the latest promotion from Celcom, please take note of its T&C and check whether BHP branch at your area whether in the participation or not!

Guys, you have to reload at BHP to enjoy this promotions.

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pss said...

That's a good deal from Celcom. For students with bikes, at least they got some 'extra' credit for the petrol too.