Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love Psychodelico

Love Psychodelico

is back with their new album release "This is Love Psychodelico~US The Best"

Basically this is their 7th album.
Quite some time I lead my life without them.
Today Kumi and Naoki back to hold my life with my familiar songs "Last Smile", "Your Song"...

Congratulation they had spreading their music far to SF and LA.

In their song, you can find that they are promoting the love and peace throughout the world.
They are labelled as Delico Sound with their unique sound emerges from a fusion of rock with the infinite possibilities brought to music by the digital age.

I like their music, their style, their logo and their attitude...


afternoon tea said...

yeah, when i saw their new album advertisement at the metro, i thought of you. hehehe ! i still haven't got a chance to listen to that, but i bet it's as great as it used to be :)

dizzysoldercrunch said...

cool ler..
really like this band