Monday, June 2, 2008

Work interesting ?

Did I earned anything back to work after joining team building programme? I more dedicated or committed? do I get more positive-thinking? do I more co-operative with other's colleages?
I wonder...

Ya...the programme tries to bring out certain message to us:
-factors that make team successful
-heighten awareness of individual role and its impact on team performance.
- practise using effective communications
- trust, collaboration and resource allocation, sharing workload and continuous improvement

Actually all of us know about all of these values on work, it depends on the company's culture and workmanship whether they could be practised or not...

I personnely strongly believe everyone is selfish.. Ya, talking about team spirit; if your member does not care whether the issue is solved or not, he just pick the valuable work to do and he will go back on time..... Then do you still think of practising all these values then ?

When every public holiday hits, each and everyone wish to take leave and no coverage; and it always beneficial for higher position's colleages to on leave and leave for others to do the coverage most of the time. Is this still fair for all? Or should the coverage been taken rotating no matter you are senior or junior ? Don't all these been seen clearly by our blind boss after so many holidays? or you are expecting us to come back on work if there is any issue? what if everyone of us are far away from workplace? The problem will back to cost-saving again and no vendor triggering before own person troubleshooting...who will be suffering after all ?

Managerial structuring brings so many of grey area to this workplace even in team itself or between teams. Everyone pretending to be a good man by not refusing direct face-to-face, making the lower level to fight each others. After all, they claimed there is no alignment or one party is very defensive to other party to accomplish the jobs. Who should be addressed to all the decision-making tasks when a lot of people are making noise? Seeing a lot of designation on higher position's guys, now every managers with the backbone of managing director trying to twist the telling everyone : we are try to improve, we are going to make you guys better... after all, who don't know the reason hidden behind. Ego-ism is strongly planted in this company's culture and I believe total restructuring will only helped. What you want from the A-to-B or B-to-A plan? they are the same !!

Why gonna putting some engineers under staff engineers? Is it they are fresh and need guidance as per said? or they are honoured to be guided under staff engineer to better and accelerating pace for personel development as per mentioned ? if you see the arrangement clearly, it is arranged so to make the staff 's work easier, or say helping staff to do their jobs (never notice this during the meeting). If you said about the seniority, it is not the case. If you say about the personel development, i believe there are better candidate.So, it is very true my colleage noticed the objective behind. So called "orang bawahan" need to serve "orang atas" for their better performance...are we helping them to promote faster? how about us? anyone sharing us the piece of cake ? For me, it is not important anymore, i don't care all the bullshit around my ears, coz they are a lot of lousy liars. I just treated it as reporting change, I still doing the same, whatever I like. Time is counting, no one is so serious anymore, what kind of changes you want for 30-day ? you think it is a slimming programme?

We are expecting to see few more rounds of earthquakes from this company's management. Who knows I will be someone else important later ? Hahaa....just kidding, I'm nothing for all. Just a support ma....less one no less :)


Falcon said...

Its good you learn so much...

dizzysoldercrunch said...

mm..i dont know...too many changes.and political issue around... and after all, is selfishness i guess...:)