Thursday, June 5, 2008

Team Building 30-31 May 08

Team Building 30-31 May 08 at Tanjung Bungah Resort Hotel


total pax of person: 26
facilitator : 2

we were sitting on each other and it gonna be strong enough to be hit by the facilitator by his body

Girl powers - smile :)

Run for your lives - tsunami is coming ~~!!

Just kidding, we ran for fitting ourselves inside the limited area of rope

One rope to fix in the legs of alls

we had to pass the gate without touching it with the help of team members - basically you just need to lay down

Another gate which was more challenging with gate facing up to sky

Playing free fall games

Yo -amazing shot

macho libre ?

Ninja turtle back to town ?

King (with bunga raya) and queen (with lots of baldi) of the day
Prayer on the dustbin

mmm....gonna balance very well on the rope - to sleep later


wa...finally I saw fresh water for years.... I gonna test the taste!

enemy attack!

big project la..

yeah, lend me your left hand

paintball session

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