Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day-1 in Laos

Laos - a country I step my feet on for 4days 3 nights

Day-0 -we took bus from Kulim at 1130pm direct to KL (thanks Mok for the fetching) and we reached PuduRaya by 430am - day-1. And we took Shuttle Bus StarWira at Terminal 25 (you have to go down as the counter was down there, hidden counter) by 445am and reached LCCT at 6am. As too early to check in, we had our breakfast at McDonald and reading TheStar

newspaper. This was the 1st time I had my breakfast at McD.

  • Flight #: AK812
  • Date : 7 June 08
  • Time : 905am

Touched down at Wattay Airport by 1145am - No tuk tuk to ask for a fetch..I think that is their policy only taxi can fetch visitors out to town.
We shared one taxi with an Israel guy and 2 americans to thinner our fares, which was USD6 per trip. Tour around to look for our hotel which booked online ealier - Vayakorn Guesthouse

Our First Spot was Vat Sasiket.

It was built on the order of Anou, the last king of Vientiane, between 1819 to 1824. It is the only vat in Vientiane surviving in its original shape when Siamese razed Vientiane and forced most of the people into exile across the Mekong River in 1827-1828. All of the temples were destroyed except Vat Sisiket.

Row of buddha status sitting down there

All the statues in the Vat were not preserve properly and you can see a lot of broken part on the floor.

At the ticket counter, we saw the postcard of Buddha Park - which is very attractive! One angmo told us that they just been there by yesterday and found very interesting. This strikes our cells and we fastforward our steps to Bus Station to look for the way to go there. We ended up getting up to a Tuk-tuk which offer us 100,000 kip for both way. The driver brought us to a shop before headed there. We had a very nice noodle soup, I think this is a must to try in Laos. Actually I should not taking beef, however, just give myself an exception since I already far away from homeland and should try out new things here. Lao people have their special-made-noodle, a little bit hard for me. But overall the taste was good!

We were heading to the Buddha Park which is sideway from the city, about 26km from town. And you can see from the picture, we ended up going to the destination with this kind of road. Really salute the tuk-tuk driver who still manage to balance us, actually feel very not secure, anytime the vehicle might fall down.

If not remembered wrongly, the journey took us about 40minutes to reach with low-cc tuk-tuk. But everything is worth when this scenery came in front your eyeview.

This is the combined culture of Buddha and Hinduism. This sculpture park full of those cement-made gods, humans, animals and demons.

This notable sculpture resembles giant pumpkin. It has three stories representing three levels - hell, earth and heaven. I were trying to go up to the heaven from hell through the mouth of the demon.

I like this sculpture as it looks like big-transformer coming out to town :O lol

We ended our first day visit to Patuxai, which is known as Arc de Triomp of Laos. Mmm...different feel comparing to the Arc de Triomp of Paris. We didn't go up to the top, but wandering around the park, seeing Lao people and listening to their music.

On the way to Buddha Park, you may see the Friendship Bridge Lao-Thai. This is the bridge where you can cross from Laos to Thai or vice versa.

We went for massage after taking bath at hotel near to the Mekong River and also had our dinner there. Laos is not like Phuket or Pattaya which are well-developed for tourism and mushroomed with pub and disco. Here is more convervative and they only have some.

When you passing by the tuk-tuk, they would offer their ride and followed by: Lady? lady? Haha.... we were not coming for this!

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