Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Time Guarantee

Air Asia will be giving away E-voucher of RM200 or any equivalent currency, with the condition of exceeding 3 hours only.

I myself took 4 flights from this company. Basically each of them also having delay.

Example is the current flight to Laos, the way to Laos get slightly delay. However, for the way back, it postponed about 1hr and 20min. Received SMS during morning breakfast time.

Damn, due to this delay, I missed the flight from KL-Penang at 430pm which is the last flight. My ori flight schedule should be 1110 to 1445. And I should be able to connect my flight later.

This experience told me...don't ever donate this money to Tony. LOL ! It is normal to get delay for cheap flight. Experience teaches me better take bus if you have too short duration in between 2 flights...

And of course, I get nothing from the company, but i donate RM95 for him.

One uncle told me, don't ever pay extra for fast lane. You will get nothing special, it is free seated and you might get your money forfreited anytime. It is true.. :)


Wayne K. said...

this is normal dude.
You'll have to sacrifice in order to save money.

dizzysoldercrunch said...

sigh...when talking about money