Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello 2010

It is festive seasons.

It is seasons that full of love and fun....

It is days for family gathering...

It is time again for recap for past and plan for future...

Again, we wanted our life getting more and more colourful and interesting..

For good and bad, for known and unknowns....I apologize and wish for best of you and me!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Hello 2010 ~ (Wave our hand gently)

P/S: This year I am having a new family member - Carlyn, uncle wish you getting fat fat white white :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

After watch

Really impressed by this movie called Avatar.
Was thoroughly attracted by its trailer during last movie Phobia 2..
It is kind of blue species...what kind of thing is that... ?
The imagination was built somewhere in the skies...on top of my head..:P
The 160-minute movie told the story gentle-ly....on this lonely friday night.
It was so amazing to have such a wonderful plus colourful night panorama at this forest of pandora.... Plants and animals were painted in attractive colors..and they were beautiful :)
The message to send to us about the world is so real and cruel..
But since when it is not true...
One thing the Jake have done was truely touched - he stand on his feet and sacrifire for what he wanted..and make a success
Thanks James Cameron

Sunday, November 22, 2009




Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2012 rocks our heart

The weather was cold out there..rain was non-stop falling from the skies..
But my heart was warm.. the movie was really touching...
2012 is a blockbuster movie for this year..
We can see how this world ends..
We can see how unfair the world is..
and we can see how love and relationship play their role..
I wonder what I gonna do more...
At least I can make more call back to home..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello BB Carlyn

Congratulation to my bro and sister-in-law....
and also welcome my little niece - Carlyn !~

I have upgraded myself becoming uncle lerr....

Baby is quite cutie....and clever enough to roll her eyes left and right to look for thing and people...

She likes to drink milk milk alot...hehe..Good...will grow up faster :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sg Lembing Trip 25-27Oct09

This is a short trip.
I can put a slogan for it -- > " cuti-cuti malaysia".
I joined my friends to Sungai Lembing, Kuantan last weekend.. and named as Hiking Tour.
This place is famous for its so called - cloud sea.. and also rainbow waterfall.

We started journey to east at 2am from KL after 3D movie - The Final Destination 4.
Mm...the feeling of watching this movie with 3D and without 3D got big difference....Effect is totally different..

Reaching there around 5sth-6am.. There were already bunch of people flooding this small village. We served ourselves with breakfast - Sg Lembing Mee + Yong Tao Fu. Quite yummy food..especially their homemade mee..

Our first destination was Rainbow way to go there by your own as you need to travel those muddy mountain road..So we hired a hilux to fetch us there.. About 45min we reached to the river. And from this river started, we needed to hike about another 45min to the waterfall... Not so tough the way, just got a lot of big stones.. The most exciting part was the gila-uncle...who purposely drove his hilux in fast speed, cross the river without break, crash us to the tree branches, get the muddy water splashed up to our body.... and coz of these, we all have our knees bruishes...

We were welcomed by Sg Lembing with its Tomato Mee. Quite nice sauce it has...never try at other place.. Basically the food here quite cheap compared to anywhere else.. After done our lunch, we headed to its museum. You would be told this was an longest underground tin mining many years ago from the history :) And since after the tin finished mining, the village was like become an dead town.. As the weather was really hot and stuffy, we went for one more station - hanging bridge and then left to resort for a all of us never sleep on friday night.

We woke up by knocking-door-sound from Susin at 6pm. Really cant wake up.. We followed our plan to peek at Kuantan city.. Having a wonderful food at a restaurant and we dropped by to Teluk Cempedak. It is so near to Kuantan city and crowded with people. Chinese kids were busy playing with their candles and tanglung....

Panorama Hill hiking made all of us gonna wake up by 4am morning. As we wanted to see the sun rise...see how the sunlight strikes to this village :) This hill is not high enough, but you already can see the full view of city with mountains surrounding it...with clouds..

More photo, please visit this link :

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How I celebrated My Raya

Unable to catch up time for [UP] due to traffic jam on the way to cinema....
Too jam! Damn with so many foreigners from luar negeri...opps..seems like im from luar negeri pun wor, paise paise...Already on road at 140pm, movie on 240pm still missed!
Btw, we were 30 min late, forced to change to another movie.
Have made a wrong choice by selecting [GAMER].. Damn, first 10 min I already feel like going out..
Luckily just paid rm4.5o for this movie.. not so heart-broken.

Got my "bing pi" mooncake finally from the baker's cottage. Was told by my friend it was really nice last year and I was not able to get it for times after purposely frequent to Jusco for it... Actually I can't find it since 2 weeks ago here and even at BP when visiting my sister there coz all what I saw were just temporary stalls without fridge.. I guess it is troublesome to maintain as well and may be the people here prefer traditional type ??...Today "terserempak" with the baker's cottage stall at the end site :D:D after movie... so... my pocket again slimmer with RM10 note.. Wish my friend did not bluff me...

Friday, September 11, 2009

RM10 for a Lesson..CHEAP!

I love black sesame! and happy when I found this instant black sesame cereal, coz i wanna drink it anytime I wish to.

I get shocked when I did my groceries shopping at Giant!
I found this pack of Greenmax black sesame cereal sold with extra RM10 at TKH product Centre. They are earning extra RM10 + their margin earning!
See the receipt below for comparison!

Tag price at Giant

Tag price at TKM Product Centre

It is okay to earn a lesson by RM10..i think it is cheap! Right ? At least it will lose some customers .

Businessman should honest and not just selling with any price they want!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Own-made Spagetti

I put whatever ingredients I have in my fridge in my spagetti..
Mmm..yummy..we can do a lot of mix-and-match for it..
My sister said it looks like fried noodles in mamak..
Haha....i think 80% similarity! LOL

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merdeka's Holiday

Merdeka Holiday, spending one day for new places' triggering!

Bukit Engku Busu just at Lumut, beside a hisdustan temple. Actually once you reach Lumut jetty, go to Police Station, take the left turn once you see police station on your right. Proceed and you will see the temple in front.

Roughly you need to spend 30-45min to reach to the top to view TLDM. Really such a good view with mountain, sea, teluk, islands....

This is another place near to kuari lombong, near to Pantai Remis. Just follow the way until to the end of the road, you will get this view in front of your eye. I think it should be having a lot of fishes here as people are fishing by fishing rod and netting as well.

Another day for photo-shooting at hometown.. riding bike at pelantar area. Last time, we have the "lover's bridge". But after times, it was destroyed some knocking of boats and collapsed. Else, we should be able to get better view at higher area, at least we can see the curvature of the sungai. I remembered I have an photo taken on top of the bridge during secondary school with normal camera.. need to find out next time I back home.

More photo please link to here:

Curry Mee, Pasir Penampang

This is the Curry Mee intro by my brother to me at Pasir Penampang, Kuala Selangor.
The place is somewhere near to the housing area, located at the "abandoned pelantar ikan".
So actually we are eating just by the riverside.

Soup is sweet, minor spicy. Is affordable spicy, suitable for all.
Special thing about this mee is the Egg inside.. normally curry mee seldom add in egg.
The small white prawn+potato cooked with special sweet and spicy flavour, quite nice!

***/***** (3 stars out of 5 stars)

Eye of Skies?



Saturday, August 22, 2009


Again I moved.

I think until now, it has been many times I move from a place to another place, move from a house to another house and move from a room to another room.

Since Primary 6 after UPSR, I moved to Taiping to further my secondary school. Within secondary school period, I moved three times, but all still in the same taman.

After finishing my study there, I moved to MMU to further my tertiary education. So this is another move! After foundation year, I chose to go Cyberjaya and we were entitled to stay at hostel for the 1st year. 2nd year, I moved out to Cyberia condo blok A1. I stayed there for about 3 years time when our housemates from IT and management completed their degrees and left us. Then, I moved to blok A2 and this house I only stayed for one semester. We then went to a new phase Blok C1.

Another move was at Year 05 when I graduated and got my job offer. I was sent to overseas for OJT training.. This time, I stayed with one of my colleage at Velden city. It was just five month's time. Then, I headed to Kulim for work. Within 3.5years time there, I moved twice when the 1st landlord was going to sell out her property.

And Again, Year 09, I already made 2 times' move.

I would guess, I will still got a lot of moves in the future.

** Oh Moving Moving**

Sunday, August 16, 2009

KLPF 2009

Pretending myself as a photo-enthusiast, kneed down and shoot all these fujifilm models with hundreds of camera...chiiciak chiiciak nonstop!

This year the stage was pretty small due to the venue's space i guess... may be budget is the issue..but I wish KLPF committees can consider a more comfortable area for us in the coming years.. For the exhibition & stores, it was like lacking a lot. Nothing to much to see this year... Somemore the item I asked for was much more expensive compared to Shashinki..(though Shashinki already more expensive compared to market)..

Really hope this fair will become something like PC fair which you can get better offers and prices.

Feel so painful for my knee and hand now :D

Saturday, August 8, 2009

顺发肉骨茶 + Restaurant Tyan Hing 鱼片米粉





你可以叫单单肉骨一人吃 RM6.50,再加其他料,那你就可以真的吃肉骨







Friday, August 7, 2009

Wok & Pan - Pork Chop

BBQ flavour Pork Chop

cappuccino blended

This is an eastern+western style restaurant - Wok & Pan. Was heard that the chef was from a hotel previously and open this restaurant by his own.

Was recommended about the good taste and nice dressing of food.

Mmmm....personally think the restaurant's condition is not that good, can improve some more.. coz the tables are serving until at the roadside.. May be she is kind of economic style.. For the pricing, my pork chop costs me RM9.50 and my capuccino blended RM4.50.. still acceptable lah...if the cook is really from hotel background..

Basically the sauce for my chop is quite nice! I quite like it. Vegetable served a bit lesser..
Worth a try! :)

Went there directly after work. Did not bring my camera..Just taken some photo with phone.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

cute keychain :D

Hey, see these kawaii , am i right? got cup mee type, got tongsui type...noodle type.... cant stop the intuition to own it :D
i personally think the designer is quite creative loh..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food for Weekend

Cendol with very-thick-black-sugar-paste


this cake is made of many-many layers



Sunday, July 26, 2009

Asam Fish + Longgan Tauhu hua

Asam Fish

Tauhu hua with longgan

This is the famous Asam Fish at Pasar Borong. The air ventilation is not so good there, plus the asam soup is so "chee kek". I sambil makan sambil sweating ler.. taste is not bad, rm6 per person.. got ladyfinger, onion, cabbage and pineapple inside besides the main character - ikan pari-pari.

This tauhu hua is homemade by Qbean. Actually i wanted to try its 鹹豆花. But was told that is only sold at main shop. But I been to the main shop there three times, it was closed all the time...don't know what is going on.. Fine, the one with longgan got nothing special.. may be i should try something special next time.


Black line was the wound after performing "surgery"

Edwin 也不过如此! 最甚的是它们用烂胶水!
‘RM199 的鞋穿了不到两个礼拜就得付RM15补鞋费'

改天还是买Edwin 以外之鞋!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Friday Dinner

vanilla coke + french fries

French chicken burger... of course i have cheese + ham + chicken..

Quite some times did not meal on Burger King... NOT I do not want there is no any burger king at north part lerr.....last time I guess I had it at Sg Buluh Jejantas Restaurant on Sep 08 if not mistaken..

Fine, this Friday of mine was perfect when owning my ManhanD's CD and had a good meal :)

Nichii Fashion Show on 25July09

Cool man! I was lucky as I discovered this fashion show during my lepak..and I was equipped with my camera on body at the time... So no regret if you always put on extra few kg with you :P

This was a show by Nichii.. Here are the models:

Which one is your selection? (let me know your choice)

More photos pls channel to this link:

Friday, July 24, 2009

MANHAND - Cool ~ Cool~

YEAH!! finally i found this CD in the market....
Cannot see it at Speedy Ipoh,KL Klang area (north and central part).. when i found it at south, cannot stop myself from grabbing it!!
Really no regret today I dropped by to a shopping mall instead of goin to snap photo randomly.
I OWN it now... i will no need to wait to listen to their songs at only 988FM already ~

Today got a colleage asked what song i play at my caller ringtone...Yeah! they are their songs!!
for those who don't know them , here i intro you guys - a rapper group from Malaysia.

Showhand is their 2nd album..Actually i know about them during their first album, yet don't attracted to their songs. And at this 2nd album, I was really crazily attracted to 3rd song from their album.

Their songs really play certain way of style...may be you will thought these are songs from HK....No No No! ~ See from the album at the photo below, they are 5 of them - 1 gal & 4 guys! They are going to HK for their music development...

Support Malaysian's rapper :D:D

I think i will fever of their CD for at least 2 weeks at my car , chuttt chuttt... phew~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

RSU - oh no!

Purposely went back to my university...
It was already 9 years back..... and this area is so damn developed nowadays compared to last time.

One of our favourite restaurant was RSU, which is just located steps away from our house.
Still remembered the nice food she served... my friends like nasi pattaya alot...and i quite like the mee bandung.. of course got our famous roti john....

The time i sat down, found out that, the outlook of the restaurant was different. Already changed the ownership from malay to mamak..and now it looks like selling roti canai + more....

I ordered my mee bandung... oh no, i feel like wtf when i was served with it.. different taste and different presentation..nvm...i just filled portion of my stomach will be enough...leftover quite a lot...

Thinking to wait for the roti john...actually quite disappointed already...i observed for a long time, din see the malay uncle at the stall. Only seeing a malay auntie setup her stall damn slowly..finally i decided not to eat something bad taste...(may be) i guess this might not be the same stall we frequented last time...

Good memories faded away..... and i wish to keep it down my heart.... it will be enough :)