Sunday, August 16, 2009

KLPF 2009

Pretending myself as a photo-enthusiast, kneed down and shoot all these fujifilm models with hundreds of camera...chiiciak chiiciak nonstop!

This year the stage was pretty small due to the venue's space i guess... may be budget is the issue..but I wish KLPF committees can consider a more comfortable area for us in the coming years.. For the exhibition & stores, it was like lacking a lot. Nothing to much to see this year... Somemore the item I asked for was much more expensive compared to Shashinki..(though Shashinki already more expensive compared to market)..

Really hope this fair will become something like PC fair which you can get better offers and prices.

Feel so painful for my knee and hand now :D


Bert said...

Post more pics to facebook please :P

dizzysoldercrunch said...


See here