Friday, August 7, 2009

Wok & Pan - Pork Chop

BBQ flavour Pork Chop

cappuccino blended

This is an eastern+western style restaurant - Wok & Pan. Was heard that the chef was from a hotel previously and open this restaurant by his own.

Was recommended about the good taste and nice dressing of food.

Mmmm....personally think the restaurant's condition is not that good, can improve some more.. coz the tables are serving until at the roadside.. May be she is kind of economic style.. For the pricing, my pork chop costs me RM9.50 and my capuccino blended RM4.50.. still acceptable lah...if the cook is really from hotel background..

Basically the sauce for my chop is quite nice! I quite like it. Vegetable served a bit lesser..
Worth a try! :)

Went there directly after work. Did not bring my camera..Just taken some photo with phone.

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