Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merdeka's Holiday

Merdeka Holiday, spending one day for new places' triggering!

Bukit Engku Busu just at Lumut, beside a hisdustan temple. Actually once you reach Lumut jetty, go to Police Station, take the left turn once you see police station on your right. Proceed and you will see the temple in front.

Roughly you need to spend 30-45min to reach to the top to view TLDM. Really such a good view with mountain, sea, teluk, islands....

This is another place near to kuari lombong, near to Pantai Remis. Just follow the way until to the end of the road, you will get this view in front of your eye. I think it should be having a lot of fishes here as people are fishing by fishing rod and netting as well.

Another day for photo-shooting at hometown.. riding bike at pelantar area. Last time, we have the "lover's bridge". But after times, it was destroyed some knocking of boats and collapsed. Else, we should be able to get better view at higher area, at least we can see the curvature of the sungai. I remembered I have an photo taken on top of the bridge during secondary school with normal camera.. need to find out next time I back home.

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