Friday, September 11, 2009

RM10 for a Lesson..CHEAP!

I love black sesame! and happy when I found this instant black sesame cereal, coz i wanna drink it anytime I wish to.

I get shocked when I did my groceries shopping at Giant!
I found this pack of Greenmax black sesame cereal sold with extra RM10 at TKH product Centre. They are earning extra RM10 + their margin earning!
See the receipt below for comparison!

Tag price at Giant

Tag price at TKM Product Centre

It is okay to earn a lesson by RM10..i think it is cheap! Right ? At least it will lose some customers .

Businessman should honest and not just selling with any price they want!


iyouwe said...

haha,they wanna 2 earn more mah

Bert said...

Why didn't you buy it from Giant? :D

dizzysoldercrunch said...

yalo iyouwe..they so greedy!

hi bert,
i din know giant got sell this before i bought it at this shop ma..