Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sg Lembing Trip 25-27Oct09

This is a short trip.
I can put a slogan for it -- > " cuti-cuti malaysia".
I joined my friends to Sungai Lembing, Kuantan last weekend.. and named as Hiking Tour.
This place is famous for its so called - cloud sea.. and also rainbow waterfall.

We started journey to east at 2am from KL after 3D movie - The Final Destination 4.
Mm...the feeling of watching this movie with 3D and without 3D got big difference....Effect is totally different..

Reaching there around 5sth-6am.. There were already bunch of people flooding this small village. We served ourselves with breakfast - Sg Lembing Mee + Yong Tao Fu. Quite yummy food..especially their homemade mee..

Our first destination was Rainbow way to go there by your own as you need to travel those muddy mountain road..So we hired a hilux to fetch us there.. About 45min we reached to the river. And from this river started, we needed to hike about another 45min to the waterfall... Not so tough the way, just got a lot of big stones.. The most exciting part was the gila-uncle...who purposely drove his hilux in fast speed, cross the river without break, crash us to the tree branches, get the muddy water splashed up to our body.... and coz of these, we all have our knees bruishes...

We were welcomed by Sg Lembing with its Tomato Mee. Quite nice sauce it has...never try at other place.. Basically the food here quite cheap compared to anywhere else.. After done our lunch, we headed to its museum. You would be told this was an longest underground tin mining many years ago from the history :) And since after the tin finished mining, the village was like become an dead town.. As the weather was really hot and stuffy, we went for one more station - hanging bridge and then left to resort for a all of us never sleep on friday night.

We woke up by knocking-door-sound from Susin at 6pm. Really cant wake up.. We followed our plan to peek at Kuantan city.. Having a wonderful food at a restaurant and we dropped by to Teluk Cempedak. It is so near to Kuantan city and crowded with people. Chinese kids were busy playing with their candles and tanglung....

Panorama Hill hiking made all of us gonna wake up by 4am morning. As we wanted to see the sun rise...see how the sunlight strikes to this village :) This hill is not high enough, but you already can see the full view of city with mountains surrounding it...with clouds..

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