Sunday, July 26, 2009

Asam Fish + Longgan Tauhu hua

Asam Fish

Tauhu hua with longgan

This is the famous Asam Fish at Pasar Borong. The air ventilation is not so good there, plus the asam soup is so "chee kek". I sambil makan sambil sweating ler.. taste is not bad, rm6 per person.. got ladyfinger, onion, cabbage and pineapple inside besides the main character - ikan pari-pari.

This tauhu hua is homemade by Qbean. Actually i wanted to try its 鹹豆花. But was told that is only sold at main shop. But I been to the main shop there three times, it was closed all the time...don't know what is going on.. Fine, the one with longgan got nothing special.. may be i should try something special next time.


gs.kwang said...

kua liao cui nua tek tek lau..
next time i'm in melacca, make sure u get me there.. LOL

dizzysoldercrunch said...

bo bun toi!