Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Unfair Story

It is so unfair.
Was blamed by my friend that I got no heart not to calling her when she emailed me that she lost her phone...
Can u imagine this?
The story is like that....

I got an email from her stating she lost her phone and request to send my contact
number to her as she got no backup on all her phonebook. Of course I will think she
got no phone at that moment, how can I approach her right? Who knows she scolded me
no caring...bla bla bla......whatever...

Btw, Welcome to the world of SE ;)


Hsin said...

Oh, I was in Cambodia. Escaped the scolding part, coz I din call too :P

dizzysoldercrunch said...

haha..u said i yuan wang bu yuan wang?
okla...saja write out nea..
ur fren read it and sms to apologize wor..

Hsin said...

Haha, the truth is I highlighted bout this to your fren when we met up...Your fren also curi senyum "paiseh-ly" after heard :P