Thursday, July 9, 2009

All The Best, My Friend

This post is written for my friend.
I know you are quite suffering of this period..
Sometimes it is not up to us to control the whole situation.
It might need some sacrifying, may be in term of time, money, self-confidence and so on...
No matter what, it is just a matter of time, you sure will get on track soon..
Keep positive, take it as a rest, at least u still have a main objective to do in your current life...right?
All the best for this saturday..cheers :)

1 comment:

ahfish said...

yes! I can do it! No matter good or bad news, i know that i sure can overcome it! Just the matter of time. I strongly believe that i gonna perform better n better. I won't die so easy! I still wan to prove to them that they all have made a wrong decision. I'll b a big person 1 day..wait n c..Nothing comes easy and i gonna make it!