Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day-2 in Laos - Vang Vieng

2nd Day was our main purpose of to be in Laos ->

Vang Vieng, Here we come

We took a bus to Vang Vieng at 7am. It took us about 4hours journey. Wow, it was a very old bus, you could see a lot of thing and bag hanging on top of your head on the netting.Besides, the walkway was full-packed with those vegetables and some groceries which to be sent to rural areas. This journey costed us only 30,000 kip (~4USD). It was not a good experience to paddle through the mountain areas with this kind of bus. Of course, you can choose VIP bus which could cost you about 90,000kip or more.

We checked in our hotel - Le Jardin Organique . It is a very nice kampung-look chalet style. Ya, this is the dream homeland. So relax and greenish surrounding, i feel the tranquility of the nature. The whole chalet was built with wood.

After took our bath, heading to the main street for our 1st meal in VV. After checking some detail with the tubing agency, we headed to one of the typical lying style restaurant for our lunch. I had ordered my " Fried Spagetti with pork". Too bad, forgot to take photo for it,
I couldn't find my spagetti inside the plate when my meal was served. Ho ho ho..... it is the local style, a lot of pork + onions + groundnut and eat with plain rice. Not bad the taste!~ Ya, it is the merely special thing for the restaurant in VV to show drama "Friends" on their TV. All the restaurants doing the same thing!!~ I wonder why, why not "Heroes" ,"Prison Break", "Desperate Housewives" or others.... special right? :)

It was still raining after our lunch. We must make our trip perfect with this Tubing!! Did not care about the Rain! This is our MAIN OBJECTIVE ! Signing the contract with the agency and paid for 100,000 (40,000 for renting the tube and 60,000 for deposit), we were brought to the organic farm as our starting point of tubing which was at the top side of the river.

Yeah, the river is much more wider than what I expected. and the current looks much more faster than imagine. Even though there is no safety precaution to do this kind of activity here, I didn't care much, I was brought far to here for this for enjoy this! This is the only place to do tubing in SEA as far as I knew. could not control yourself on your tube to te direction you wanted. Current would bring you along the river, what you have to do -> just floating!! haha

You could not see anything underdeath as the river water looks so yellowish ~ any crocodile ?haa...

The first and second station were too early for us and we could not reach to landed there for drinks and games. Seeing a lot of angmos there, aiksss..might miss out some chicks :P

This was the only station we stopped for drinks and rest. A lot of americans, austrialians, asians gathering around; there were polls, drinks, food, fire for keeping warm..

Steven recommended me to order mushroom shake. Too bad, not available. I ordered mushroom tea instead. Nice taste! After that, Steven only told me their mushroom is Ganja. OMG -> I did illegal act ! But it is legal in their country, illegal in Malaysia. So, worth to try here. Yumyum... Besides this, we had Tiger+Coke+Redbull. Yo -> steam......

my mushroom tea

Steven sucking bucket of "tiger+coke+redbull"

A lot of angmo like this "air terjun" game

A stall selling the duck eggs (which they called balut), dried fishes (i think is salted one), and squids

We bought a "ayam panggang" from the stall next to this and played around with this chicken~ posing posing with cool-cool looks

We spent our night at another restaurant whereby full of angmos. mm..This time, I had a local food, couldn't remember the name of the food, is pork fried with some vege; a little salty to me. And we just lying in the seats watching "Friends" for a lot of episodes.. really long time never watch this :)

Good night Vang Vieng ~

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