Sunday, May 25, 2008

Something about Queensbay

Queensbay Mall

One tip to save money for parking
- 1st 5 hours parking at upper floor costs RM1, and RM1 charged for every hour thereafter
- 1st 3 hours parking at G/LG costs RM1, and RM1 charged for every hour thereafter

So, if you are working there, will you go to drive your car out and in again after 3/5 hours so that you will pay only for another RM1 for hours after that? maximum you gonna pay for RM2 for 10hours..worth ?

East India shop
- all the sales persons are "ah kua" .. ?!!?!
I am not looking down at them, just feel weird. for me, their existances are acceptable lah...
Actually we should also giving them some working chances..rite? Standing in the shop is better
to stand in the park..

- not enough chairs/sofa to sit lah.... if you go there during weekend, Starbucks will full and you
have no sofa/bench as well....
- Books in Malaysia are too expensive to own... that is the reason why a lot of people like to read
there instead of buying it back
- If Malaysia can do the renting new books service like Taiwan, it will be best :) rates is not a

- too many salespersons at LG level to pursuade customers at the walkway, please dont copy
the culture from Prangin Mall. Walkway already too crowded with those exhibitions..

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