Saturday, May 10, 2008

kampung-made SEAFOOD curry mee

For those curry-mee fans, I must introduce this special kampung-made SEAFOOD curry mee.
See yourself at the ingredient, there are small prawns, fish - two types of fish (one is stingray and another is shark, some other stalls offers fried kambong fish or sam ger), fish cake, fried pork skin.
Actually the most attractive part of this curry mee is its soup. It is different from penang type (plain santan) or KL type (normally is curry chicken thick-soup).
You may add the ingredients for additional rm0.50 for more fish and prawns. Worth right?
The portion above is only RM3.00 with additional fish + prawns.
and Ya, it is the normal practice for the kampung people to have curry mee as their daily breakfast ! And dont try to look for this at afternoon or evening, the stalls only open for morning session.
A good breakfast will bring you the energy for the later work...yeah!
Unless I got stomachache, else i wont miss this as my breakfast when I back to kampung.
Ya, it is Curry Mee from Pantai Remis, Perak. Nanyang Siang Pau did introduce the curry mee here before. May be can try to introduce to 8TV 's Ho Ciak!


Khai said...

Shoot, your curry mee picture makes me crave for Malaysia food! =D

dizzysoldercrunch said... paise...
may b i can dhl for u if u like :P

Jez said...

i first had a taste of that "kind of sort noodles" in singapore. but i forgot all their names..

now im missing singaporean food...
when i visit malaysia, for sure ill have a share of that carry mee...yummmyuymmmyummmm