Friday, May 23, 2008

San Francisco's Trip (14July07)

Was brought by my vendor to San Francisco, traveling for about an hour from Livermore.
Fascinating trip - and I really Open my Eye.
Now I know why SF is so charming and attractive.

At Fisherman's Wharf of San Franscisco
Crowded with people as it was summer. It was so windy and cold even though it was summer.

People waiting to see sea lions at this popular point - pier 39.

Too bad it was mating season for them, therefore they were away.

Lombard Street - street with 8 sharp turns !

I like this view a lot, taken from the top of street.
so harmony view.

erm...was not perfect day! too foggy making the Golden Gate Bridge only see half!

Museum at Golden Gate Gardens

Japanese Tea Garden
We didn't enter due to need to pay after 10am if I remember correctly

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